Wedding songs


Yeah as I mentioned upthread my mum wanted me to walk down the aisle to this

She was unhappy about loads of the less traditional stuff we did but when she heard Bright Eyes on the day she loved it. She had a brilliant time dancing with me to Common People that night too.


Stick this on


Congrats, though :slight_smile: I’m sure you guys will pick some good music for it.


Have an ongoing debate with my friend I reckon it is 6/8 he reckons 3/4


I was trying to work it out before I posted, it’s probably 6/8


This is going to feature at some point:



Haha can you imagine?!


This was one I insisted we have in our wedding disco. Luckily we’d agreed on motown & soul themed disco, so it fitted perfectly.


There are so many love songs that go a bit… wrong. Songs that on the surface sound lovely but actually are quite dark. This song is just upbeat and positive all the way through. All the stuff about being on bended knee etc fits too.


Yeah, I really wanted God Only Knows, but we couldn’t get past the fact that the first line is “I may not always love you”


Surely the point of that lyric though is that the only way he won’t love her anymore is if there are no longer any stars above her, hence, he will always love her.


two of my cousins have got married in recent years and they both had beatles songs (All You Need Is Love and When I’m 64) as sing alongs during the ceremony. both worked well, everyone knows the words and they don’t suddenly drop dark or weird lines in at any point