Wedding toastmaster tips please


I’m toastmastering in my BFF’s wedding in a month and would like some tips and tricks please. I’m used to speaking in public and leading debates and so on but those are all more official things.

What have been the most (and least!) successful things you have done, or witnessed someone done, as toastmaster at a wedding?

don’t think I’ve EVER seen a toastmaster at an actual wedding, although I did get one up in my grill at a wedding fair.

Good luck!

put the second slice in a couple of seconds after the first, that way the second one is ready right as you’ve finished buttering the first


Do the Theresa May dance every time the attention is back on you.

The first thing you’ll want to do is seek Zuul the Gatekeeper.


Have the band do Rains of Castamere and see who flinches. They’re the soft targets to be mocked relentlessly.


Open with


Cake in tiers


Toastmaster? Basically your job is getting people in the right place and introducing what’s next, so very much a less is more job.

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why toast when you can roast?

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I am an MC in August

@He_2 can probably help with this. Write me a rap buddy

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On it, my good man.

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Be careful he doesn’t delete it 5 minutes before you’re due to deliver.


I certainly wouldn’t be advanced enough to use Google Docs :cold_sweat:

i’ve got two words for you



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Don’t mention if the groom’s stag do involved a ton of coke and hookers :+1:

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We had a toastmaster at our wedding. It was included in the venue hire, so we just went along with it without really knowing what it meant.

Having him was undoubtedly one of the best parts of the day.

He made sure that we kept to schedule. He organised the whole day, pretty much down to the minute. He introduced the speeches, and gave a very short speech himself. If he wasn’t there it’d have been some combo of the photographer and the caterer keeping things moving, and it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as stress-free.

Big fan.

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No pressure for wr, then.

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