Weddings: The Anecdote Thread


Always go with a personal recommendation if possible.

Still: :rofl:


I went to an entertaining wedding in Lithuania last year.

The wedding itself was in a church, but some really old Lithuanian lady came in half way through and sat near the front, just thinking that it was a normal mass and wanting to have a bit of a pray. Two priests came over to her to get her to leave, but she just ignored them and did her thing.

The ceremony was in Lithuanian, with a Lithuanian lady translating it all into English for half of the attendees. But her English wasn’t very good, and so she just obviously gave up half way through sentences sometimes, or the priest would start speaking again before she had even finished. I somehow managed to stifle my giggles during all this excitement.

Anyhow, at the reception bit afterwards in the evening, some Irish girl started dancing with me (just drunken dancing, but holding my hand, flinging herself about), but she somehow wasn’t happy and said to me: “you could at least pretend to be interested!”. I didn’t know what was going on. I eventually escaped. But she encountered me on the dancefloor later on and said the same thing again. And then I mostly just tried doing my own dancing with her occasionally coming back and dancing/getting angry/asking me what role she should be playing…

I don’t think she noticed I was with my girlfriend (who was more than happy to sit back and leave me to this girl’s attention, much to my anguish).

In between songs/dancing, she came over and started talking to me saying that at a wedding a few weeks ago, a friend of hers tried to hook her up with a guy that she knew of. Apparently she knew that this guy had previously wanked into his sock and got athlete’s dick (“like athlete’s foot, but for the dick”), and it was all shrivelled up. He then started talking to her, she said that she knew him already, he said how, she said that she knew that he has athlete’s dick and he was shocked.
She then paused and said that she didn’t know why she had told me that story.

I preferred the praying Lithuanian lady.




Is athletes dick a thing?

Asking for a mate