Weddoe Threadoe!

Good morn. I feel like I’m being completely unproductive with my week off… But then realise… Of course I am that’s the point.

Might make some tasty titbits today though. Running perilously low on beer.

Hbu? Happy Wednesday x


What you planning? I’m thinking of doing cookies, blondies, or brookies. Might mix up the banana bread game and make muffins with banana bread mix too.

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Happy Wednesday to you too. Already at work behind my laptop - have been since 6 o’clock this morning to make up for the wasted time yesterday.

I got distracted by the sunshine - same thing might happen today too. :smiley:


Morning all :wave:

Feeling pretty rubbish this morning. I have a habit of thrashing out in the night, in my sleep, and on occasions have woken Mrs CCB up doing so. Last night I managed to thrash out and caught her square on the nose. Gave her a nosebleed and she nearly fainted. All is okay now - there’s no bruising or lasting damage - but I gave us both a horrible, horrible shock, and I feel really shaken up now. Kept catastrophising about if it happened again :frowning:

Sorry to hear about that - Maybe breakfast in bed will help? :relaxed:

Feel a bit urgh as stayed up til midnight and had 3(!) Beers.

Managed to get connected yesterday so did quite a bit of work but not today. Going to have to go into the office tomorrow I think.

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Didn’t get chance to say last night as was quizzing but m&s plant kitchen churros were very nice.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Morning everyone


:cry: Def breakfast in bed x

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Morning all.

Finding it increasingly hard to drag myself out of bed. God knows how I used to get up at 6 and out of the flat by 7.10.


This morning = :coffee: :woman_in_lotus_position: :bread: :woman_technologist: This week feels like it’s stretching out forever so this thread has inspired me to make banana + chocolate muffins to cheer up the Wednesday vibes


Day off. Need to go to Morrisons and the post office and clean the kitchen. Never let it be said that I don’t know how to enjoy myself.

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Morning! Went out yesterday for the first time in two weeks so I could give blood (it’s OK don’t worry I’ve had my medal in the form of an orange Club). The donation centre is about 15 mins walk away across the main bit of town and I realised the last time I was in town was over a month ago and people were still going to work in offices, going to the pub and shopping. Felt really weird.


I need to donate some blood. I’ve got really good stuff in me (I reckon).

Also haven’t done it for about 5 years now.

How do you know where the sessions are (they’ve stopped even bothering to invite me)

ah there are permanent ones in bradford and leeds

You used to get Seabrook’s crisps at the Bradford ones, which didnt happen at the local hall ones. Pretty sweet.


decision made then.


Morning…another day of online courses and Mayan art fun awaits.

V ended up making his Mayan pyramid in Fortnite yesterday and I have to say it was impressive, didn’t know you could build in a Minecraft way on it…

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theres a new “creative mode” I think.

still no idea what’s going on