On the train to work. Bloke behind me has no ticket, is being charged £40 penalty fare. Lovely entertainment for a midweek morning.

What are you guys up to today? Little of note today for me. Finishing a report that needs to be out on Friday, a couple of bits of other things.

Go well, go merrily.



Probably DIY though we’re rapidly running out of food so maybe big food shop.

Marrow, large baguette, 6 pints of milk?

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I’m heading into the office. Literally the only one there on Monday so hoping it’s more sociable today.

Note: ‘literally’ is used for effect. There was one lady there but she sits facing the far wall and doesn’t talk to me

I’m coming in on Friday! Got an organised co-working day there, think we’ll be in one of the meeting rooms though

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I’m packing tonight for my big Romanian adventure on Friday. Really tired today, slightly hungover off 3 beers. Getting old.

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Don’t wanna

Fucking trains and fucking freight trains and fucking London Midland. Bunch of absolute shitcakes the fucking lot of them.

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Working from home.
Had fun last night.

Come find me!

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Off work today. Going to take the little one to school this morning, then come home and drill holes in the wall.

What kind of prick says this?!

Man, have the absolute raging hump this morning, want to throw a glass at someone who is grinding my gears so hard right now.

Chill the fuck out, dude! Right?

Meep, woke up feeling so much dread and self loathing, silly. The only thing that’s made me feel better very surprisingly is looking at a video of cool spiders, it reminded me of this wee guy -

I’d die happy with that outfit and those dancing skills :smiley:

If anyone has any cool Wednesday morning photos they’d like to share, I’d be very grateful :sun_with_face:

EDIT: just realised that’s not a photo! Haha!! Still… the real ones are very cool too!

Can’t be cba’d to be humble with you guys

Today is my Monday, but also my Tuesday - in from now until Saturday.

A long day of copying and pasting ahead. Getting sick of having to do this every week because I’m the only person capable of doing the task :frowning:
Its certainly not a hard job but copying and pasting various things on various spreadsheets for a few hours every Wednesday and Thursday is fucking boring.

Really hungry, might need a bacon roll to kick the day off with.


forgot to take washing out the machine last night, will it be foosty or will i get away with it?

I am WFH cause I am not feeling 100%

Washing some towels…


Morning chums. Feel surprisingly spry after a few jars last night. Will attempt to ride my bicycle after work.