Cool spider. Here’s Jackson snoozing:


It will definitely be foisty.


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Treated myself to a coffee shop coffee but er, it’s not working (yet)

Morning all!

I’m celebrating my first day of holiday by waiting for the plumber to fix my tap and then playing Witcher3 after Wor Lass takes the child to Edinburgh.

It’s a perfectly cromulent word Lopes.


Haha!! I am stealing him.

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What’s going on here Keith

you’ll have to fins him first :slight_smile:

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Cold, wet, tired etc. etc. etc.

But I was reading about an Indonesian mine yesterday where people work 12 hour days in extreme conditions - boiling hot and acidic, close to lava - with a treacherous commute for $11 a day. So I don’t feel too bad in the grand scheme of things.

Was in the lift at work with a total @anon50098204 today - carrying his massive snowboard and apparently off after work to some practice slope.

Those things are ridiculous. Why do you have the boots attached to them and not in some kind clipping thing like skis, though?

you do clip in to the board, he was probably just carrying them around, clipped in like that

Just went downstairs to make a cup of tea and get some cereal. Poured the cereal into my mug. It’s going to be a long day.


here’s a cardboard box that was upset about being put in the bin


Maybe he lives in the bin but he witnessed something really sad recently


Oh right, this makes more sense then. Cheers.

Bumped my earring and now it’s bleeding :expressionless: :gun:

ha ha! All I am doing is putting up a coat rack in the hallway, and I’ve just finished it, so I now foresee a morning of playing videogames and maybe a trip to see Baby Driver this afternoon.

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