S/T then Ten

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Is the right answer

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Might chuck the maida vale session on in the middle there

Can you amend the time of an outlook meeting invite you did not create? Don’t think this is possible tbh

You can propose a new time.


e.g. in 2038


burglar alarm in the shop across the road has been ringing for over 12hrs now so that’s nice

phoned the police and they were like “is it being robbed? no? what do you want us to do about it then?”



Might be worth a call to your council’s environmental health department. Not sure what the arrangements are in Scotland but most councils have a noise nuisance team.


the cops said they’d drive past (to check it’s not actually getting burgled) but if it isnt then there’s not much else they can do so i should phone the council

are the council even going to be open / give the slightest fuck? who knows. will keep yous posted as im sure you’re all desperate to find out what happens.

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I guess it’ll depend what else the duty officer is dealing with at the moment, but it’s definitely worth ringing them up. They can always send someone out to have a look / contact the owner. I share(d) an office with an environmental health team, GBOLs.

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10 work zoom
11 call IT to try to get my laptop working
12 walk
13 lunch
14 watch youtube
18 dinner
19 browse the internet
00 bed

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what youtube’s good?


Tiny human alarm clock was insistent on getting up at half five, only managed to put him on snooze for 20 minutes after that. Feel like we’ve done everything already today, not sure how to fill the rest of it.

Film Club night tho, so that’s nice.

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What’s the FIRST RULE ff… oh. Carry on.

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Morning morning team

My dad’s started asking us for guest questions for his weekly quiz so I’m wracking my brain for trivia about “people off the telly” that is guessable by several people in their 70s

A: Bruce Forsyth

currently working my way through every country episode of GeographyNow, which at the start seemed quite annoying but actually it’s pretty good, well researched and accessible. And a little annoying, but hey he’s got a demographic to go after.

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There’s a council helpline to report stuff like this, I called it after a car alarm had been going off for about 20 hours, they called me back within the hour and we’re going to come out but of course by then the noise had miraculously stopped

Just go and burgle the shop


Burgle is a funny word isn’t it?