Morning everyone.

I hope you are well!

Three hours sleep last night, feeling wayhey! about today. #sarcasmus

Another write off of a day ahead productivity wise, the report I send out tomorrow is going to be so ill-informed and incomplete and I hate doing that. But, alanpartridgeshrug.gif

Parents evening tonight and then my daughter’s last Brownies meet. Wednesdays will never be the same again, thankfully.

What do you have ahead?

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I don’t know the situation but I’m sorry you didn’t get the job and I’m sure you have let nobody down :muscle:


Can’t sleep at the moment, it’s getting pretty chronic.

I am going to see a personal trainer today lolz. I’ve barely ever set foot in a gym. This will be fun.

Morning @stupidsexyflanders @ghostpony and @he_2.

Had a busy night of folding a shit load of. Clothes that is only half done. Buuuh.

I am away tonight so got a few hours in the office this morning and then travelling this afternoon. So just chilling on the couch with my eldest watching Octonauts. This episode is about immortal jellyfish!


Ah don’t be so hard on yourself, yer great.

Trying to think of something motivational but it’s too early.


Awake at this hour again due to moving anxiety. I will definitely get loads of shit done today. If I keep saying that out loud it’ll work, right?


Today is shite, 3 out of my 6 guys have phones in sick today. Makes this morning very tough. Yay.

Last night was interesting, got to spend the best part of 2hrs parenting a doll was a real baby. Didn’t look weird at all.

Even just applying for a job in SF and interviewing for it is an achievement. I’d be too scared at the prospect!


Got a present for everyone.



WFH again. Just got notes to type up. Spent loads of money on shite when I went out yesterday so will probably just stay in. Or maybe go the library via waitrose ‘free’ coffee machine.

Going to see Limmy this eve. May have a spare if any one is interested.

Dunno whether to go for nice beer/food first.


I am going to WFH cause I have had a headache since yesterday, my ears are cracking like hell and I have a lot to do today.

Double gym later if I feel better.

My hair looks properly like a lav brush this morning. How do those with short hair stop this from happening? In other news I feel quite sick but I’m hoping a massive coffee will fix this.

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You’ll be the death of me MartyFunkhouser!

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If I had a pound etc etc

Bike ride later… after rush hour/it’s defrosted a bit.

Sleep with a hat on…?

Oh gonna try bake my own pittas for the first time. Don’t have any scales or anything though. I’ll be fine to wing it right?

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I get mine cut about once every two months so this would be the stage I shout, “Get a haircut!” at you.

Not much help if you’re growing it back though…