I get mine cut about once every two months so this would be the stage I shout, “Get a haircut!” at you.

Not much help if you’re growing it back though…


morning dissers,

I’ve got some all day seminar/network/business forum type thing at the SEC. Not really in the mood as I’ve got lots of other work to do, doubt i’ll hang about all day.
In fat what i’ll probably do is just get bored quite quickly and fuck about on Did all day :slight_smile:


@Unlucky thanks guys. The tv says it’s because of the visa situation and not because of my interviewing skills. Am inclined to believe him.

Canada it is, then!


:fried_egg: :fr: :taxi: :hospital: :computer: :moneybag: :train2: :uk: :bed:


Interview at 8:30. Cruel and unusual, IMO


I have to use product when my hair gets to the bushy brush look. Just to ease the fluff and give it a little shape.


You’ve bought one yes?


You must be an interview queen by now




You’re fencing today?

Colour me impressed (and a little jealous!)


fjesus christ i’m so fucking tired.

i’m seeing my granny later. haven’t seen her for about 3 years. she’s come to town on one of those package coach tour things that older folks seem to enjoy, and consequently is staying in the worst hotel here, which she’s quite annoyed about.

not much else to report.


Flying to Berlin today. Not been before. Dead excited even though I’ve gone a bit Dad with the organising becuse there is 9 of us going.

Not sure how my 12 year old B in gcse German will hold up but I’ll throw it out there.


Morning! Fever Ray was pretty boss last night, dance around like a bellend for an hour and a half and now my neck is sore from all the nodding.


Time to Lisa stansfield it!!


meeting with a mortgage advisor to probably crush my dreams, should I brush my hair?


Wfh in case I’m contagious. Feel alright, which is good.

Because I’d written today off to be at the hearing, it’s REALLY tempting to play computer games all day. But I think I’ll try to plough through some tedious, low effort work instead. then play computer games when I’m bored of that


I often get the next day neck sore from nodding at a gig all night


Oh chief you haven’t let anyone down! Keep your chin up gp, you’re one of the best :blush:


The boring bit will make the games so much better.


Just really approved of everything that was going on last night, couldn’t stop nodding.