I’m making a TikTok trend - smashed potatoes.

Does garlic go off? How do you tell? Just got one out and it’s not sprouted but it’s a bit green in the centre

Tastes weird

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Smashed potatoes with green garlic?

(I tend to just use it if it’s only a bit green in the middle tbh)


My veg box delivery has changed to Wednesdays so need to use some veg. Maybe just roast some leeks and a bit of broccoli in olive oil with a bit balsamic to have with pasta

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Yeah I reckon it’ll be fine. The vids look lush so I have high hopes. Will post pics obv.

Evening all!

We had broad bean puttanesca for tea.

I told my Wednesday classes I wouldn’t see them until January and then had a meeting to take over some union duties.


Had a nice day being very sociable but the disorganisation of whether people were going pub or home meant I got stranded at Russell Sq and had a panic attack, LOVELY. Took myself to the first restaurant with a loo to cry in. Now having expensively average pasta. Still need to get to Romford at some point tonight :sob:

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Sending love. District line or Elizabeth line will get you there I think? Xx


Yeah I know :slight_smile: it’s more the fact it is loonnnnnnggg


Bare long :cry:

Also realise the irony of a manxie informing an East Londoner how to get somewhere in ldn

Assaulted at work, again. Great. Only minor, but being held to a wall and threatened with a stabbing is good and fun and totally something that should happen to you at work

So yeah, having an easy dinner (stir fry) and trying not to have a beer

My god I’m so sorry. Is there no security at your place?!



Oh I thought you meant making as in starting a TikTok trend

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Fucking hell. No way should you (or anyone) have to deal with that.


I know right.

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Shit man, sorry to hear that. Hope you’re ok


Thx lopes. Fine thanks. Only words. At least I wasn’t hit or worse


Bus driver looks just like santa claus and is wearing the hat and all, and he just said “ho ho hold tight”, he’s whistling chrismtas songs to himself too, it’s very sweet