The goodest of evenings to you all!

The good news is that I’m roasting a chicken, the bad is that I think I might be getting a cold. If this is the case I will go all out berserker, I never get ill, I will not allow it to happen! *guzzles a bottle of vitamin C*

Now you.

Good evening to everyone except the chap that nearly barged me onto the tracks at the station on the way home this evening.

Two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling is the person responsible for the idea that high doses of vitamin C can prevent or cure the common cold. Clever man. He didn’t come up with the vitamin C stuff until he was a visiting professor in Australia and doing not a lot more than going to student parties and smoking a load of weed. Like, A LOT of weed. In the end he thought vitamin C was the key to immortality. He’s dead now.

Anyway, I was meant to be going to the beer festival but I’m too tired and now need to sort dinner. I don’t really want any of the takeaway options, but I definitely don’t want to cook. Life is hard.


CWBA…oh, ‘barged’

Just finished work. Fucked. Might see if I can swing a pub dinner tonight, as the only real option here would be pasta and pesto or a Quorn stir fry.

Is it really only Wednesday? JFC.

Hi Witches et al.

Depressing to see evening threads pop up when still at work. Got fuck all done today too :frowning: anyway, making chorizo and calimari spaghetti for tea.

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THAT. That’s what I want.


I reckon if I stare at the takeaway list for long enough then eventually I’ll actually want one of them, by some form of grease osmosis.

Bah, sorry to have depressed you. I feel that if the evening thread isn’t started around six though it causes fear amongst DiSers. “Should I bother posting in the day thread? It’s so close to evening!” “Will someone start the evening thread, should I do it?” AAAH.

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No worries, I’m now sacking the rest of the day off and going home. :vulcan_salute:

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  • Bread & Meat (honey soy chicken box)
  • Steak & Honour (some generic burger, chips)
  • Chosen Bun (some generic burger, chips)

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CBA to find the travel thread but it looks like I’m going to be spending a couple of days in the following this summer on my way to Fluff fest:

Pula, Croatia
Trieste, Italy,
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Are they nice places? Any good recommendations, other than beach and ice cream?

Evening Witches and etc :wave:

Waiting for R to be dropped back home, reports are he is already asleep so that will make bedtime easier. Hopefully.

Actually had my full day off for the first time in weeks which I really needed, feel a bit less burnt out already.

Had an early tea because I was impatient and now I am stuffed. It was this (plus another half of the roll I ate while the sweet potatoes were finishing up in the oven):

This evening I will be hopefully finishing a project that I have already spent a silly amount of time on today.


worried about my health :frowning:

Evening. Still at the beach where the weather is 24 degrees and perfect blue skies. It’s great. Got a horrific toothache at the moment that’s so bad at times I can barely focus and I’m not back home till next Thursday so I’ve got a long week ahead of me. :face_with_head_bandage:

what hot bullshit is this

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my eye has been hurting for about a week now. Should probably go to the doctors but what if they tell me they have to stick a huge needle in it or it’s terminal cancer or something.

Maybe I’ll just get used to low level pain

Oh, that reminds me, I got invited to a wedding today! The first of our agegroup (24) to get married off… it begins. :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Still no frigging baby, gggrrrrrrrrrr. The parents have come up for the evening, so trying to decide what to do for tea. Pizza maybe

You got your three different dresses picked out yet?