Weather fits the mood :confused: :chestnut:

Et toi?


I thought wedgesday would be a good marketing idea for pubs to sell bowls of potato wedges for a pound on Wednesdays.

Or have a trivial pursuit night.


Anglos a wedgesday

I love this weather. Walked through a frosty field yesterday, lovely. Didn’t have time for a coffee this morning :open_mouth: :coffee:


Too closely associated with giving / receiving wedgies in school ):


Kitten wearing a jumper made from a sock :kissing_closed_eyes:


Grill took like 5 years to do my toast this morning. Bloody grill can never decide whether it’s on or off.


Still in bed #yolo



On a train to Windsor to do part of a graduate induction for work. I have to tell them all about the wonderful world of IT for four hours. feel a bit sorry for them tbh. then I get to go back to work and have to try and do everything i would have done today but in half the time :unamused: still, only 13 days til I’m off for two weeks!


Bit of a heavy one last night. Cold + hangover = :pensive:

Work is amazing at the minute - knowing a bit about excel is making people think I’m some sort of wizard and I’m not trying to dispel that


I didn’t even get to have my bagel this morning. Put it in the toaster, looked at the time, realised i had to leave or be late, took it immediately out and hid it under a plastic wrapper in my cupboard :disappointed:


hey, have a lovely day everyone. :fallen_leaf::cat2::coffee:


mornin team,
weather pretty alright up here, certainly fresh. my sis gets back to glasgow today having lived in london for the last 18 years, i think she’ll freak out.



Need coffee :coffee:

Have a good one :slight_smile:




Morning folks! Lovely crisp morn down here. Got to nip to Great Portland Street (not Great Ormond Street, keep having to tell myself this) after work for a quick drink with a colleague who’s leaving.

Laphroaig whisky tasting event tonight. Our tasting notes are being projected on the walls of their distillery apparently. Hope I don’t come up with something as genuinely terrible as this:


i really hope you come up with something so much worse than that, and that’s quite good :slight_smile:
Can you live blog your evening here?


Oh. A boy can but dream!


If I’m nae too pished then I’ll certainly try my best.


No, YOU have a lovely day! :kissing_heart::two_hearts::heart_eyes:


glad you’re getting into the vernacular early doors J_I :slight_smile: