Inspire me with tales of misery sandwiches, burritos and vegan sausage rolls please DiS!

not even going to try and find a GVSR

my spirit has been broken

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Just checked google maps. Soho appears to be a Greggs desert - nearest one to me is a fifteen minute walk away!

Gunna grab some kinesthetic tape then the hint for gvsr begins

think most of them do cakes now

i am hungry


Did have some Tomato & Basil soup from downstairs - added a few chilli flakes and some black pepper.

Was fine / 10.

Slightly different in Leeds

Going to padella for some pasta and hopefully swerve queues at 2.30ish… So only a little snack: gf got some amazing peanut butter that has manuka and maple in it, so gonna have that on toast yo

think you’ve got me beat


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There used to be a run in Sheffield where you could hit 8 in a mile. The golden mile

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Mexican chicken roll from Greggs with an irn bru extra on the beach at Troon with a nice sunny view


homemade falafel wrap
mini cheddars
apple soreen

Ordered a halloumi wrap with fries on the side. Have not received my lunch yet.

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Gvsr purchased


Update: food has arrived.

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Yeah it’s nice

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Might go ethiopian cuzza if that place in dalston is still there :yum:



Got some veg soup I made this morning (love a supermarket veg pack I do) with bread I baked the other day. Solid lunch, only slightly spoiled by builders power-washing the outside of the house next door.

Cajun chicken, broccoli, roast potatoes that also had paprika or something on them. Chicken was dry, broccoli was undercooked, potatoes were absolutely banging.