Is there one?

This Wednedsta I mean.

I am back in work, today is my Monday.

Can I shock you?



Bonjour. Feel loads better than I did yesterday.

Going to smash through some work, eat healthily, and then have a burg and beer and go to watch a cycling podcast being recorded later at LMNH. Should be alright.

Talking of cycling, my mate’s sent through the schedule for our mammoth ride this weekend. Basically a tour of McDonalds. I can’t fucking wait. How many double cheeseburgers do you think I can eat?


u goin Chatteris hun?

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cannot believe you’re not coming to Ely

So close!

Thought it was tuesday

Team is still too small. Still too much work. Still having to B extra A when I really CBA

Morning all. Wednesday. Halfway there.

I’ve got a bit of work I need to do around 6pm tonight. Often when I have to do this I work from home, but there’s going to be a houseful of toddlers today, so I guess I’ll be working late here.

Hang in there ATT

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If it’s any consolation I listened to a lot of DiSintegration States stuff last night and all of it was :100: (I also attribute it to feeling waaaaaaaay better this morning)


Can’t believe you’re basically cycling past my house without stopping to say hello. Incredibly rude.

Morning folks! First of my two days off today. Not much to report. Apparently my phone upgrade is due but I can’t really afford to get another iPhone. What’s the S8 like?

I’ve lost a day of my life

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It’s always in the last place you look.


This is pretty much the best consolation! That whole initiative has basically been a level of background happiness which has kept me sane in a painful few months of work.

Really glad you liked it!


It’ll be about 8.15am when we pass there. Might need a tactical loo stop actually.



Fucking hell, you’re going through some bleak fenland territory. Some nice bits too for sure, but the stretch around Ramsey is sucks air through teeth … featureless


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