Hello. I’m liking these lighter mornings but blimey I’ve got a limited window when I get home to get the dog walked before it gets dark.

Just a week and a half to go in my current job and I’ve got loads of loose ends to tidy up and no time to prepare for my new place - same job, different place - but I’ll just need to power on through.

What’s happening with your life, you chancers?

Bit chilly out isnt it? Isual commute bollocks for me. Only 1.5 weeks left. Ffffffff.

Morning. About to cycle to work. Nothing to report.

Car looks as though it’ll need scraped this morning. Frosty.

WFH :fire:
Nothing else to report


have a delivery due between 7am and 2pm so, despite being off work and it clearly arriving at 1:59pm, i’ve already been up for an hour. might just watch a fuckload of the walking dead while i wait.

nothing to report, or to say…other than happy wednesday everyone

Mornin, I’m feeling a cold coming on, damn tv and her coughing and spluttering.

Morning morning. I’m coughing like a mad smog stricken crow so called in sick. Gonna make a restorative soup and visit the pharmacy later but for now just cocooned in bed

Nice blue sky out the window


I usually go to a co-working space on Wednesdays but I’m replacing the walk there and back with a swim later so I don’t feel the need to leave the house until then. Got some porridge on the go too and the radiators are finally on so everything smells a bit like burning dust.

Came joint first at a pub quiz last night and I went up to represent the team for the tie breaker (eat half a pie in the fastest time). I lost to someone twice my height but it was close-ish and I got free pie so it was alright really


Despite falling asleep around 3am, I don’t feel too bad at all. It looks absolutely stunning out there! I really should start making use of these lighter mornings.

Nothing much going on today besides work and six-a-side later.

what type of pie…?

Chicken pukka pie :grin:

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Missed my train. Nice one, ezza.

Waiting to hear back from our letting agents after asking if we could get a dog. Tense times in the 83746725 household.

Today is my Thursday then I’ve got a week and a half off, which is quite good because I’m going slightly insane and could do with a break.

Oh good luck, we got this guy last week



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Golden retriever?

Not pure bred :frowning: So wont be doing any shows with this one but he melted our hearts. (and still got the other 3 pure bred for the shows anyway)

Morning all. Nothing much to report other than it is BRIGHT out there :sunglasses: