Wednes Day Thread

Morning all, hope you all got a better sleep than me last night, a combination of cold fever and a massive storm meant I woke up about 15 times throughout the night.

However, I did wake up to this notification:

What sort of privileges do I get now? :wink:

Hope you all have a great day!


Morning Laelfy

Storm has raging last night. Pretty broken nights sleep because of it. But today is National Rick Stein day. That’s the only thing getting me through today.


Also special shout out to all the Scottish dissers going back to work today. Enjoy!


checks watch

Storm was crazy last night.
Opened door to delivery driver this morning looking like some kind of swamp thing.
Booked ticket to see Star Wars tonight. Was free and although going to cinema alone is tempting, not sure I can be arsed…

Pretty glad i switched days so im wfh again today, as the trains to kings x are all messed up.

Unfortunately, motivation to do some actual work is rock bottom

Heh. Rick bottom


back in work today :expressionless:

came in all… “this is a new year, lets be more of a ‘go getter’, happier, high-five the security guard” etc.
20 mins later realise why I wasn’t like that last year. :expressionless:

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First day back at work today, been here for an hour and not seen anyone yet. Generally need to remember what I’m meant to be doing.

Massively tired again. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and then having vivid dreams that make me feel slightly melancholy.

going to work this morning was about 20% more tolerable than yesterday, up from about 0%. ergh.

Morning all.

Turns out I’ve forgotten how to type since the last time I was in the office.


I left the heating on in my office overnight. Could comfortably go taps aff in here.

The storm blew our fence and wall down!

I’m assuming the man upstairs moved all the bricks out of the street so I didn’t have to.

Not an awful else to report. Managed to get on the same train as my bf this morning which was nice!

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It’s windy isn’t it. Cycling in was fun.

had an absolute shit nights sleep.

that being said i’m feeling remarkably fresh for some reason and pretty fucking happy to be back in work.

Happy Rick Stein Day everyone.

First day back in the office today which means first day back on DiS, Got a monster cup of coffee and ready to hunker on down

What do you do before you go to bed?

If I watch TV or go on my phone, I get broken sleep and weird dreams.

If I read, i’m out of it.

Yeah, reading and a cup of herbal tea seems to work for me.

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I try to have my herbal tea earlier now because otherwise I’m up pissing all night.

This is my herbal tea of choice.