Wednes Day

My internet went out overnight but is currently working. Going to attempt to wfh, but who knows for how long?


Went for a lovely run along the river by my flat

Speaking at an event this afternoon so got lots of butterflies

Need to actually start the prep for this :grimacing:


I hope you’ll return them to the river afterwards!

Good luck :blush:



Off for a meeting to kick off a big exciting project, and hoping to hear updates on a couple of other new ones. After a dismal end/start to the year, work is actually picking up nicely again which is fun if a bit exhausting.

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Morning all :wave:

Really tired and full of the CBAs. Also it’s raining (which is exacerbating the CBAs). Also forgot my t-shirt for the gym later so I need to go and buy one at lunchtime again

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Listening to the thing about the crocodile twins… incredible


I briefly thought you meant actual butterflies and wondered if I had significantly misunderstood your area of study


Morning everyone,

I went to Pilates for the first time last night and I am very sore now, unsurprisingly.

It didn’t feel too bad at the time so I went to an rpm class straight after so now my bum hurts too :laughing: wah.

Just work today, then relaxing this evening. I bought myself a quilting book, so considering making a few wee test pieces. Would like to try printing the fabric and naturally dyeing it too. Must remember to save my avocado seeds.


Morning all!

Wet air in the dour east midlands.

MOT today; always an exciting time!

Terrible tbh some fuck wit left the fridge door open last night and all my shit is ruined and im broke. Fuming

No ones owned up to it yet in the whatsapp group either so i cant shake em down for the cash

Otherwise. Nice weather!

I’ve spent my morning looking at Fallout 4 mod screenshots that look like this:

So that photo properly broke my brain


coffee 2
flat viewing

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going to have my first ever ‘cup a soup’ today

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a Charli/AG Cook sort of day

always thought it should be cup o soup noot cup a soup. mildly irritating.



So had my crappy away day yesterday then went straight home and worked until 8:30 on something “urgent”. Got online this morning at 8:30 to finish it which I’ve done and sent with zero communication from the person who needed it. Had something else to get done but got an ocular migraine while I was doing it so had to stop.

I’m supposed to go into the office again today but…

  • You’re supposed to go in so go in
  • You worked late last night and early today for no thanks; you’re unwell and you want to watch the cycling on the telly, plus you’ve laid the groundwork for a sickie with your boss so…
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Feel I maybe loaded that poll somewhat.

Have decided to have a fry up and think about it


Love that tipping point of when an impossibly insurmountable daily task list crosses over into a manageable set of things to do and that it’s no biggy if they don’t all get done today. LOVE IT.

And now: two hour lunch break

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Reckon Red Leicester or Extra Mature Cheddar would work better (or at all) on Shakshouka?

  • Cheddar
  • Red Leicester
  • Neither
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I think I’ve finished all the things I needed to do. Late payments and direct debits and tax and that sort of stuff. Stressful things I’ve needed to do for months. Feel nervous