Wednesbley Football thread


Barcelona fluke their way past outstanding Celtic.

Coquelin continues to impress in midfield for arsenal, giroud was sent off, didn’t see it.

Manchester went underwater, are they replaying that tonight?

Spurs kick off their campaign tonight at the new London Stadium™

Leicester play somewhere, will probably lose 4-0.


anyone know what still here thinks about Coquelin?

fuck me, that Cavani is wasteful as fuck, huh.


was it cavani or falcao who had the dodgy birth certificate and is actually about 38?

probably falcao isn’t it


We were shite, Coquelin’s shite etc etc

Martin Samuel’s generally shite too but I had no idea about how the funding was divvied up under the new champions league rules. Pretty fucking bad if you ask me


Club Brugge v Leicester City is free-to-air tonight on the BT Sport Showcase channel – available on channel 59 on Freeview.


Let’s talk about Tammy Abraham


Posted this in yesterday’s thread but yeah probably makes more sense here: He scored a silly amount at youth level but got overshadowed by Solanke- who scored an even sillier amount… Think they banged in about 80 goals between them one season. Solanke’s decided to hold out for like £40k a week (age 18 hmm), so Tammy’s probably got a better chance now.

He’s always been clinical, I thought he just needed to bulk up a bit, but it doesn’t look like that’s been an issue. Conte said he wanted to keep him, so that’s 1) a good sign for Tammy and 2) another indictment of the Chelsea board.

I’m pretty excited. He’s also won me £150 quid this year as I’ve been betting on him to score every game since week 2 haha


anyone got that Brendan “how am I doing boss?” picture?


Yeah Falcao. Either a dodgy birth certificate or he was playing in the Colombian top tier at 14 :confused:



Rodgers: “There’s no embarrassment in the result.” He really is a joke.


not sure there really is that much embarrassment in us being leathered by barca

not when you’ve got 3 of the world’s best attackers going up against kolo toure and a guy who couldn’t get into the west brom team…


The City game is being played tonight. Everyone get your cameras ready for how empty it’s going to be. There aren’t even going to be any away fans to create some atmosphere.


I always like Martin Samuel. He’s good on backing his opinions with hard facts.

Unlike Dame Paddy Barclay and his insufferable pomposity for instance.




Rooney has not travelled for the match tomorrow. I’m giddily praying that this is the start of a rapid phase-out of the side for him.


he injured or just dropped?


isn’t it the exact opposite? mourinho not risking his favourites in the world’s best competition ?


i wish spurs were in the europa league :disappointed: