Wednesdaag Thread

Morning all.

Alanis Morissette level irony happening this morning as I spring out of bed at 7:30 on my day off rather than get dragged out at 8:15 as is currently standard.

Have to finally pick up the hire car today after ‘fleet issues’ yesterday afternoon. Then off to the football club for the kick off of their community dementia initiative and no doubt have my ear bent about SM behaviour by some club officials.

After that, no idea until school pick up time. But then I have to go to an evening meeting about secondary school transfer and spend two hours in a room with people I have diddly squat in common with.


Job Interview.



Need to remember yo get off the tram 2 stops early this morning. Pretty much going yo be the only substantive difference between today and yesterday.

gl s


Nothing to report really. Apart from my continued love of Old Town Road.

Also I discovered a Sleater-Kinney single from 2017 I had never heard of or heard before on Spotify

I like it. Obviously.

Good luck, pal.


Morning all!

The Child was awake at 5.30 so I’ve already done a decent part of a shift.

I’ve got one full class this afternoon which should be quiet.

I’m playing football tonight but I rarely play well on Wednesday so not expecting much performance.

:+1:t3: Today is my Friday
:-1:t3: I have a smear test this afternoon
You win some you lose some :woman_shrugging:t3:


Good morning friends,

Have pressed the snooze button about 7 times over the past hour. So much for getting straight back into my morning exercise routine after holiday :roll_eyes: So sleepy still!
Typing this from bed, trying to wake myself up.
Oh, here comes the novelty puma, nudging and nibbling my hands. Argh now she’s snuggling. Can’t get up :upside_down_face:

Have a good day x

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I had mine 2 weeks ago. Always dread it but it’s over within minutes! Just think of something you’re looking forward to in the near future and you’ll be there soon.
Solidarity x



Can I get a C
Can I get a B
Can I get an A


I still need to book mine. Good reminder.

Do it TODAY! :+1:


Just seen a call for a research consultancy at the UN that is literally perfect for me. Omg gonna apply.


went out for a drink after work last night and I’m feeling so beat up this morning. like not hungover, just all my muscles are aching. wtf

being old is shite


Good luck!
Would that be on top of your PHD?

Free upgrade from a Corsa to a Mercedes C Class. This shit should happen more often!

Now to try not to drive like a complete wanker.


Got to do customer training in a couple of hours and I can’t bear the thought, there’s nothing that stresses me out more on this earth urgggghhhhhhh

Other than that, feeling good babes x

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One of those dread days where a lot needs sorting BUT it will be really good once it’s done so it’s alright :slight_smile:

Need to get my shit together as heading to Somerset for a stag on Friday

Only 32 degrees today here :grimacing: