Wie geht’s?

Fuck today already. Interviewing two people for a job and I don’t wanna.

New laptop should be arriving tonight, so will spend the evening setting it up and transferring stuff off the old one.

What are you doing this camel day?

watching scotland russia. might just stay here instead of going work.

Can’t be arsed with work so quite want to go in, shut the door, and not do any work, but that’s been the plan for the last week and a half and surely at some point someone’s going to notice.

should i read the food / walking thread

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And I just did.

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Kein Bock für etwas. Normalen Tag.

Got rained on. At work.

Someone at work has edited a letter and sent it out that I did not want edited. Trying to be calm about it.

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Manchester got a Michelin star

then you shouldn’t have “let her”


christ it’s gonna be a long day

Pls go to work.


Crumpets for breakfast, a rare treat.

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I’m at work :person_shrugging:

Potentially meeting aggpass for table pizzer later.

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Saw this dog on the way to work today. It’s probably been there since before I was born but I only noticed its grainy patina this morning

Good boy

Got a bit of a boring period at work waiting for contracts to be signed before I can move onto the next phase, so not much to do the rest of this week really.

Going to a big museum opening thing tonight, gonna meet the Crown Princess Victoria & her big chin and I will be in my work clothes

Eat the rich etc


I have to make crumpets a very, very rare treat as I can’t stop at 2 and use almost an entire pack of butter on them🤤


biblical rain in glasgow this morn.



fortunately (or unfortunately) for me crumpets are not sold in ordinary supermarkets here in Sweden - I have to go to ‘The English Shop’ and feel totally Brexit :frowning:

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Fell asleep before 8pm yesterday and had a series of nasty dystopian dreams which are making me feel uneasy today. They also looked absolutely stunning, shame that was ruined by the disturbing shit.

Total cost benefit analysis today.

so tired
all the time

I’m in France, on one of those fancy double decker trains, so that’s a bonus, although I realised too late that I left my earphones in the hotel. Went on a funicular yesterday. Whoop.


not much really.

hungry already. going to make a coffee and look like i’m doing some work.