Wednesdaayaayyyaaayyy evening



It’s the evening and I’m off to the pub! My loins are all a tingle at the thought of all those crispy cool beers.



There are probably better ways to cool down than pouring a beer on your crotch. Or maybe not.

I’ve ordered Thai takeaway to arrive at half seven, which is when 'er indoors said she’d be back… indoors. If she’s not here by 7.35 I’m eating hers too.


Gonna read and maybe have a beer.

Just finishing off listening to the PTA WTF podcast that someone recommended in that other thread.

And I need to do the washing up.


Hi-Rise is on Film 4 at 9 tonight, is it worth watching?


I’ll tell you tomorrow (I am going to watch it on film 4)


Wednesday is my long work day, 9am to 8:30pm. I have not slept well this week, so I’m trying not to fall asleep at my desk.

I’ve also had some nice beers delivered today, and they are sat on my desk. It’s not good beer being delivered on the day that I’m working late and I can’t drink them.


I haven’t seen it but I heard it’s meant to be a bit shit. Maybe half watch it whilst you talk to people on DiS?


hi rise and etc


I am a massive fan of the novel and saw it despite the terrible reviews. It looks lovely but those terrible reviews are fully deserved.


I seem to remember DiS being very split on it when it came out. But yes, that probably exactly what I’ll do.


I’m about to pour myself a beautiful midweek gin and tonic!


Hmmm, might start it and see how far I get.


Submitted an offer to rent a nice little house in Leeds (Rawdon). Crossing everything I can that they realise what terrific tenants we would be.





Had some beers last night so it’s a quiet night in working away towards deadlines for me. My eyes are starting to feel a bit funny from staring at the screen all day but that can’t be helped.

I’m meeting my very newest relative for the first time tomorrow! My cousin had a wee baby boy a few weeks ago. Boys are quite rare in my family actually. And the other kids I know are getting quite big so I’m real excited about meeting an actual baby. Love them.


Also I’m seeing me mam for dinner :slight_smile:


Just eating some sugar puffs and watching Threads.

2-0 to the big lad!


On hold again. I reckon ive heatd Men at Work’s Down Under around 20 times today. Never clocked how terrible the lyrics are before.

Masterchef in 30 mins!!


Food’s here. She’s not.


Tell that to @sadpunk and @thewarn