morning, i have absolutely nothing to report. what’s going on with you today?

I have to put the bins out tonight. But not the recycling bin, which is annoying as we have SO MUCH fucking cardboard left over from the 8 hour continuous IKEA build.

WFH today. Ricked my ankle on the way home last night and it’s a bit swollen and a bit painful. Resting it with ice today in the hope that I’ll be back in the office okay tomorrow.

Other than that and baking a cake with my daughter this evening, nothing to report.

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This is still one of my favourite YouTube clips

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I watched Brommapojkarna get promoted last night in a really tedious match.


Near the end, about 20 Dalkurd fans (who had been great all game) got into where we were with their faces covered…posturing and looking for a pretty hard fight. It was clear they were looking for one guy in particular (my guess is he had provoked them somehow then come to hide in amongst our section) and they went for him at one point, had to get the police in to sort things out. It was over pretty quickly but was pretty edgy at one point.

Tired today.

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On the drive to work, the radio said something about half of women having been sexually harassed and my dad got really snotty about it. “Oh well you can’t make a joke comment at work without that counting as sexual harassment these days.” I was like errr no that is NOT what we are talking about here and told him about the #MeToo thing but he was still sceptical… think I’m gonna tweet it now. Urgh.

My hair and eye bags look shit too so I’ve dressed totally OTT (within work limits) to distract people.

Got on the bus to go to work this morning, checked my emails and I’ve been offered the Civil Service job I wanted!



Fucking Hell, stressful stuff man!

I really admire you for challenging your Dad on this stuff Pervo. It’s really hard but you keep doing it.


Also found out recently that a promoter that I have played for and made plans to put on joint shows/tours with (before I moved away) repeatedly sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend and has been documented as having multiple instances of inappropriate contact with girls under 18. Fucking horrendous, and absolutely fuck that guy. I had absolutely no idea any of it was going on when I met up with him.


Yeah. Fucking disgusting.

My train into the London is running late because some brainiac lorry driver hit a low bridge.

In other news, I’m exhausted. Large red bull for me Clive.

Yeah man! Hectic!

Great news on the job!! :+1:

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Thanks man!

Been in a few hairy situations over the years but never at a football game. The League of Ireland doesn’t tend to produce violent fans for some reason.

Still in bed. CBA. Playing football after work.

Gonna get up…now.

Haha, thanks but I only do the absolute bare minimum because him and my brother dig their heels in on this stuff and go on about me being on my soapbox. And I tend to get lost for words in the moment when they say shit like that :frowning:

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The last three songs that came on shuffle on my drive to work were Ambulance vs Ambulance by Blood Brothers, Sugar by SOAD, and Trepanning by Cave In.

Feel like I could literally fight a horse now.