Wednesday (06/04/22)


Woke up with a hideous sore throat, feels different to my covid one but will do a LFT just in case.

Will try brew up some lemon and ginger tea

Dont think i have much work on. Will try read a bit.

Got some nice granola for breakfast.

April seems to be flying by

On the train home. Meant to be starting work in 3 minutes.
English transport is a shambles

Morning! Psyching myself up for a solid day of teams calls - got just one 30 minute gap at some point between 9 and 5 (no, of course not at lunch time).

Will have to try and find some time to actually do some work at some point. :confused:

Woke up at 6am again (WHY) before a very interesting day which I’m very anxious about. We’ll see what happens.

Distracted myself by deleting hundreds of Facebook statuses from 2008/9, wow i was so annoying. Why did I think I needed to update my status five times a day? Why did I say ‘win’, ‘lovelovelove’ and ‘XD’ so much??

However was reminded that this outfit (bin bag, for an ABC party where you needed to dress as something beginning with one of those letters) was an absolute serve



Morning all!

Everyone in my house was up and about by 7.00. It’s a shame nobody has anywhere they need to be…

I’m delivering things at the post office and the library today, possibly doing some tidying and admin too. I’d like to spend some time playing games but might have to sacrifice the game I want to play for Lego Supervillains or Spongebob with The Child.


Weather is vile, so the dog can have a lie in because I’m not taking him out in this shit.

Got a removals company coming round in a bit to give us a quote for moving, so I’d better run the hoover round and have a cursory tidy up.

Oh man, such a horrible nightmare last night and fed up of being so tired when i wake up despite having more sleep than normal lately. Want to get under a big fluffy blanket on the sofa and do some serious cuddling. Hope the cat’s prepared for this plan.

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Went to bed really early with a melatonin last night so I slept for ages but feel like a bit of a zombie today. Counting down to HOLIDAY next week now though, and today shouldn’t be so bad.

evangeline lilly girl GIF


Getting some internal doors delivered today.

That’s literally the most interesting thing I’ve got going on in my life.

On my way to work :steam_locomotive:
Listening to scary stories podcast :ghost: :ear:
Simply wondering what lies in store today :thinking:

Calm down Operation Yewtree, I’m 16 in this photo :smiley:


Seriously though it’s literally unbelievable that only one guy wanted me to be his girlfriend at this point in time. My figure was absolutely A*, i got wrecked for being fat but I was an amazing weight and shape??? Teenagers are the worst.

I’ve alerted the authorities.

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Went to see the Beths last night (ace) then went home and ate spicy nik naks and a whole packet of chocolate digestives :frowning:. Think it was stress relief from worrying I would see my ex there but I didn’t

Just work today, got good feelings going by booking off DIS break, Great Escape and Glastonbury holiday


Ah man. Had no idea they were playing in Brighton last nice. Would love to have gone!! Oh well - glad they were good!!!

It wasn’t sold out, ah well shame - my mate realised on the door he’d managed to buy 3 tickets somehow :grinning:

Now resident have stopped maintaining a gig listing thing I’m struggling to keep on top of what’s coming up

Liked for booking the holiday, not the less good stuff

In the office today. I think I have to go to lunch with my bosses bosses boss. Better not swear.

Pub quiz tonight, and apparently last month, which I was sick for, wasn’t attended by the team who had been getting almost maximum points and winning every month. Hopefully the pub have told them that kills the fun for everyone else, so maybe, you never know, we might just be contenders.

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Oh, and I saw this great tree earlier. How cool is this tree?