Wednesday 1️⃣5️⃣

It shows that nobody posted for an hour? Is everything ok pals how’s your midweek, midmonth day going


Have had to go in to work for a briefing of some description. Can barely contain the excitement.

Gets me out the house I suppose.

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moaning about illness

my tonsils have got really bad and I really struggled to get through to the doctors and now there are no appointments. Need to turn up in person this afternoon to queue to try to be seen. Bf has been trying to tell me it’s not tonsillitis cause my glands dont seem swollen but I’m in agony taking a sip of water. Really wish I had some stronger pain killers in but bf also doesnt want to go to the pharmacy for me if he’s going anyway later for antibiotics… thanks love you too x

Well fuck you, site. What am I? Chopped liver?

Anyway morning UK. It’s been…a day. It’s quite pleasant here. Lockdown just stretches on.

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Oh I have threads by board, it showed nothing in the social board


Oh yeah, that would make sense. I’ve been waiting on people to come and respond to my genius drops* over the night

*rescue me from the boredom of work in lockdown

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Does anyone else’s partner seem to be less nice to them when they’re ill or is it just me


When they’re partner is ill or when you’re ill?

Yes I would say that my wife is more cranky when she’s ill. I don’t think she’s less nice to me when I’m ill though but it’s rare I’m actually very ill aside from self-inflicted alcohol effects.

I meant to say when you’re ill

I think most people are crankier when they’re ill. My bf seems to really hold it against me and then behave even more grumpy than I am as a result.

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Looks like I’m on my own for this brief. And the person who is doing it was apparently a bit vague over what time he was coming in to do it.

Morning all!

I have a relaxing day of marking and planning so The Child celebrated the occasion by wetting the bed.

If I’m really good, I’ll get some of the things ticked off my to-do list that I should have done before the summer.

Struggling a bit today - woke up stressed and it’s hard to shake. Hopefully the only way is up!!

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Gws!! Have you got some corsodyl mouthwash? When I had strep throat it really helped the symptoms

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I think I have some and will try to do that thanks x

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Morning :wave:

I’m a bit sad that I missed a chat about maps and navigation in a pre-Google Maps world last night! FWIW I still keep an old-fashioned road atlas in the car, and if I’m in an unfamiliar city for more than a few hours then I’ll try to find a paper map from somewhere.

Got a new starter starting today -always awkward!

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Honestly if he offers me another strepsil


Ah, rubbish, hope you manage to get something that helps. I was miserable and unable to sleep all weekend with just a sore throat from a cold, so you definitely have my sympathy :disappointed:

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back in the office again today. There’s a few more people about, but it’s still like a ghost town here

Somehow managed to lose my work phone in the same ten square foot area that I’ve spent about 90% of the last 18 months in