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Makes me think of this (I’ve watched too much Parks and Rec recently)


I’m going to get a deck of Fluxx on recommendation from @Gnometorious from a local game shop I just discovered later, in order to take it to play when I visit my sister in hospital.

also going to get her a copy of ‘Alias Grace’ so she has something to read.

been a very difficult week, even more so than usual. not feeling as awful today, perhaps because of the sun.

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Might see if I can hack a supersoaker to shoot beans


I admit I am really, really grumpy when Mr B is ill. Partly because he is a terrible patient and always makes out like he’s at death’s door. But mainly because I already carry the lion’s share of the mental load and I don’t get to drop that when I’m ill (which is mercifully rare). As in the kids will still demand stuff of me; I will still need to remember and remind the rest of them who needs to be where, when, what they need for school, what’s for dinner, what jobs need doing etc. I can’t check out in the same way he can. Also, my parents are totally “pull yourself together” types about illness so that’s probably filtered down.

But were the load more even, I like to think I’d be more sympathetic. So your boyfriend should be too.

I do tell him it should motivate him to take good care of himself as I would clearly be no use if he became seriously unwell :grimacing:

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Just like to congratulate last night’s IvorDewdney for cooking some sausages to have cold in sandwiches at work. What a great lad.


Millionaires shortbread, but with raspberries in the caramel

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You can have dried raspberry in the chocolate, but anything more than that is a step too far

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Sounds tasty but you can’t upgrade perfection.


I hope you both enjoy Fluxx :blush: What deck did you get? We have the Adventure Time one.

Alias Grace is good! Not sure why I’ve still not watched the adaptation :thinking:


:+1: Listening to Pedro The Lion
:-1: Off to work until 11 :disappointed::upside_down_face:

:+1: Left the baby with his grandparents and sneaking off to enjoy some early autumn nature
:-1: Did I already say I’m working until 11 and I’m not enjoying my job atm?


This morning i wrote a reimagined ‘lore’ of Sugawara transforming into the god Tenjin, and had multiple google tabs open including ‘ancient japan use fire arrows?’

Then I got to work found myself stabbed in the back by a co-worker. So now I am channeling Tenjin and trying to focus hard enough to bring floods and lightning to the entire borough

which Pedro? keep going back to the latest. bazan is a genius

What a great lad.

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The latest, but quite into Its Hard To Find A Friend atm. Very nice and understated

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I switched to the GP at hand app, and they can do it, it’s changed my life utterly

Yeah he’s sometimes at his full best when he’s at his most gentle/subtle innit

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New mate!


When I’m ill I generally just want to be left alone. After the first time you’ve asked me if I’m alright and been told yes, you can probably leave it unless I tell you otherwise. I generally dislike anyone fussing over me at the best of times though.

I think I then assume this is how everyone is, so if I’ve asked and been told what’s wrong but its OK / they’re just going to bed etc. I’ll leave it until further notice.

Might get seen as uncaring I suppose.

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Damn! It’s shit for consistency in doctor if you’ve got something ongoing. I’m lucky that I just need pills, basically

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If the raspberries are entirely covered, perhaps, but raspberries turn very quickly. Freeze dried would be best.

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