Wednesday (2017-08-30) Crating Your Stuff Off For Australia Thread


Yup, this morning all we’re shipping has to be packed (by us) into a space approximately 3m cubed.

Pray for us.


@ma0sm out, Theo in, is it? Gotta keep the DiS bris quota.






us = :us:



:uk: = GB = TheoGB






Well, that’s the daily thread ruined


started it


worra prick!

Good luck, ya prick!


This is a very specific thread.

godspeed @1101010


When we had our stuff shipped, they insisted on packing it themselves for insurance purposes. So we couldn’t put the Ming vases under the grand piano. Apparently, they’re so “efficient” that a friend of ours found a half eaten biscuit on a plate in their stuff. He’d been wondering where it was. We ended up with a stepladder arriving in Australia three months later that we had borrowed and didn’t belong to us.

When do you arrive in the U S of Australia Theo?


You got a pool in your new house Theo?

Good luck and all that. You taking your half-life manual?


You’re moving to Australia?? How did I miss this?? Good luck :slight_smile: how very exciting!!


Fuck Bris, I’m not a lizard.


Starting a new job today but i’m running quite late. Oops. Havent even had :coffee: :scream:


26th Sept. We’re in Bris for the next 1.5 weeks after that before decamping to Melbs


Manual is in the recycling!

No pool. Melbourne is mostly like an extreme version of British weather :scream:


What’s wrong with lizards?