Wednesday (2017-08-30) Crating Your Stuff Off For Australia Thread

lol so true bbz xx :joy:


Hullo. Back in the office, today’s a bit of a climb down after the bank holiday excesses. I don’t really want to post any wedding pictures here but it was my 2 year anniversary yesterday :bride_with_veil: :man_in_tuxedo:

So very hungover. Check out this hipster cinema we went to:


something really sinister about this being beside the security camera


Are we going to do some Patron XO before you leave or what???

I was woken at about 4.45am by 5+ police cars / vans / undercover ones all going up our road. Then I heard shouting and screaming about 10 doors up. After about 15 minutes they’d all left. Fuck knows what that was about, no trace of anything going down this morning, can’t find anything on Twitter or whatever.

Went to the St John bakery pop up before work this morning so had a lovely Danish. Mmmm mmmm.

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How did you celebrate (keep it clean, aye)?

I have work this afternoon but I am fucking dreading it. BASICALLY: I had a disastrous “appraisal” sprung upon me yesterday where 1 minute at the start was spent discussing my strengths (most of which I’d offered up when he asked me how I thought I was doing), then half an hour was spent going through negatives. Wasn’t at all prepared for it; I didn’t even know they did appraisals?? I bawled so hard that my manager had to go and get another colleague to come and be my emotional support, but I was still weeping for like an hour afterwards. So fucking embarrassing. Managed to force myself to go back into work after lunch but can’t bring myself to make eye contact with most of my colleagues because now I don’t trust them.

I put in loads of extra hours I didn’t want to do last week to not let down my team/the store and this is how they repay me, the prime motivator for the ‘appraisal’ seemingly being my poor performance on Saturday when I was put in a department I know nothing about at the end of a hectic 6 day week… when I had made it extremely clear throughout the week that I wasn’t comfortable with that. They chose to ignore me because they didn’t want the 17 y/o summer girl in a department she knows more about than me!

I fucking despise my job and the incompetent management (why the FUCK would you do an appraisal like that during the busiest time of the year???). At least I’m going on holiday next Saturday. If anyone can help me get less shit employment then that would be really nice x

I thought that too. Really good coffee here but the bloke makes the same awkward banter whenever i come in.

alternatively @1101010 is there any room in yr suitcases for me to stow away in? I mean, Australia really just sounds like a country-sized version of Margate but at least I’d get a tan.


I seem to have an intense work day which ends with me giving a presentation, not one I created, to I don’t know how many people. Could be anything from 5 - 20.
I probably should not have woken up at 5:30am.

good morning. I am not crating my stuff off to australia but I am eating some porridge

so… idk

Thanks my man!

We just pottered about London pretty much, went to the Photographer’s Gallery in the morning for the Gregory Crewdson exhibit (would highly recommend), lunch at the Royal Exchange (thanks to @plasticniki), nipped over to the Barbican for the sci-fi exhibit (actually pretty shit and full of complete nerds) then rounded it off with the most maudlin of films, A Ghost Story, at ‘The Institute of Light’ (ffs Hackney).

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This sounds awful. I’m pretty sure appraisals shouldn’t be sprung on you like that - the whole point of them is that it’s a bloody two-way thing FFS! Also an appraisal shouldn’t be used to tell you off / approach you about any “poor” performance. Urgh.

Sounds like a load of wank. Any HR department you can talk to?

Hugs to you pervo.


Sounds like you need the packing skills of @eems to help you out.

Every animal is beautiful in its own way

That sounds really out of line. Appraisals shouldn’t be a reactionary thing used to criticise you, that is pretty much bullying. I have a lot of sympathy for having to deal with shit management/colleagues in general. I hope it doesn’t make the rest of your week too difficult, at least you have a have a well timed holiday coming up!


I was talking shit about music on a show called High Fidelity on ABC Brisbane earlier. I managed to mention both Future Of The Left and My Vitriol. It goes out at 21:00 on ABC Brisbane Digital tomorrow evening which is 12 noon in The United Kingdom. I also call Sparta ‘functional’ if that’s your bag.


are you famous in Australia now ma0sm???


My parents said the same thing - I’ve never had an appraisal before so I didn’t know any better! I’m upset that any issues couldn’t have been raised at the time so I could modify my behaviour either immediately or in future (like I forgot to change my shoes at work on Saturday and no-one raised it with me… Tuesday was the first I’d heard of it. if someone had mentioned it to me at the time, I could have changed into work-appropriate shoes upstairs!). We don’t really have HR at the store afaik, but even if we did I don’t think anything will change. They’re basically resistant to change :confused: I’m gonna talk to manager tomorrow and flag up a few things like it being a bit unfair to spring it on me and wanting more ongoing feedback, and up the ante on my job hunt. Store will probably go under in the next few years as the minimum wage keeps rising and they choose to demotivate staff rather than encourage them.