Wednesday 24/6

Alright? It’s too hot already, I’m into the last 2 days of my holiday and I’ve got the blues a bit. Today I’m going to the supermarket and taking Mrs F to the optician then doing very little. WBU?


Had good kip, wasn’t up to a moaning baby in the night so that helps. Realised I’ve not got any bread so toast for breakfast is out of the window. Off to be middle class for the afternoon and visit a national trust property for the first time since January. Picnic and everything

PSA: M&S are selling a load of branded groceries off cheap from today. Taylor’s coffee, Italian branded tins of tomatoes, pasta, rice, Baxter’s soup, sharwoods curry sauces, fairy washing up liquid.

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Morning, I’m already sweating and got the classic itchy hayfever throat and the itchy eyes have literally just kicked in. Off work until Monday and it’s the lad’s birthday tomorrow so least there will be cake knocking about. Was going to go for a walk by the Bridgewater Canal but, that ain’t happening. Think the paddling pool in the garden is the way forward.

Got work. Gonna go to pre-work walk for the first time in months.

Morning all!

I slept most of the night but still feel exhausted. I finish work tomorrow for the summer. I need a break but I doubt it will help much.

I’m having a cinnamon roll for breakfast so at least there’s that.

Even the cat is sick of the heat



Sweating like a muthafucka all night so was up at half 5 and went for a 7 mile bike ride. Feeling good now.

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Fully expecting mine to be complaining about being too hot later (after spending all morning sunbathing on the window ledge).

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Was gonna reply to this everyday with a safebruv solitude all day every day pic but can’t be bothered. Please imagine I did it :+1:t2:


Plumber is coming this morning to fix a leak in the bathroom. He is booked for 10 AM. What time will he arrive?

  • 10 AM - 10:29 AM
  • 10:30 AM - 10:59 AM
  • 11 AM - 11:29 AM
  • 11:30 AM - 11:59 AM
  • After 12 PM
  • Not coming at all, obviously

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Silly baby has a fever again so we’re back in lockdown mode juggling an ill baby around both our works. Massively disruptive to the TV’s return after maternity leave. 1 high temp in 12 months prior to this… Pretty exhausted although today she slept until 6:30 after a full week of waking at 5:30. Small blessings.

Morning all :wave:

Pros of WFH when it’s 29C outside: wearing shorts and t-shirt, no commute, lunch in the back yard under the shade, that hour or so in the morning where it’s still relatively cool
Cons of WFH when it’s 29C outside: lack of air conditioning, feeling weird about being in the house in the middle of the afternoon with the blinds closed, crippling lack of self-motivation

Need to get the staggering juggernaut that is parent and child out of the door after running the gauntlet of them refusing to get dressed or do anything I want.

having some delicious bread :bread: for breakfast, then park :national_park: beers :beer: later :sun_with_face:

:croatia: Dobro jutro!


Daughter’s here, got to try and coax her into doing some school work.

I’m reviewing Sectional Running Times on all Class 802 trains out of Paddington towards Wales and the South-West, will give you a wave @anon19035908 when I’m down in your manor.

Bank account has mysteriously disappeared from my online banking, was very embarrassing when my card was declined for £6 this morning at the shop. Waiting for a call back from my financial provider.


Ridiculous levels of not listening from R this morning, so many arguments. Making me feel really awful and to blame, especially when the rest of the family get angry too :frowning:

Need to do so much tidying as the place is a tip, but it is so intimidating not knowing where to start with things that have no obvious space to go and nit knowing if I will piss people off if I can’t finish it because I get lulled away by R or I have a meltdown over it. Feel massive and draining anxiety trying to plan it.

Hope everyone else is doing better than me this morning x

Decided to get rid of the tan lines so I’m currently working in my pants in the garden

Morning pop kids!

I know some people struggle, but I bloody love this weather. I’m going for a swim in the sea later, and I can’t wait.

Jimbo’s itching to go out too and can’t quite get that I have to do a day’s work first. I said that he should go for a trip to the woods this morning where it’ll be nice and cool and he looked at me and asked if he could go to Hollywood.