Wednesday (28/09/22)


Just got up for a wee.

Then bough Ashes tickets for next summer. Pricey.

Got some nice plans later

Off to Munich today, gonna miss this creepy twin peaks/midsommar/the slaughtered lamb place :smiling_face_with_tear:


Think it might be trousers day :slightly_frowning_face:

Stay strong man


Yeah maybe I’ll give it till the end of the week actually. No going back once I’ve made the move so it has to be right.


Always have to do a double take (especoally of dont have glasses on) when I catch a glimpse of tattoos on the back of the calf as always think its mud.

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Eldest is 8 today. Was up disgustingly early. Pancakes for breakfast. Taking him to school and then double work day :sob::grimacing::weary::pray:

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Just burnt my stomach by spilling tea in bed.

Don’t want to go to work

Same old

Cold update: still have a cold.

Other than that, work day, nothing to report.

Got a meeting with my accountant this morning. I have an accountant now.


Idea for a Pixar film: AccountAnt, about an Ant thats an accountant, or an Ant that lives in the hair of a normal person who’s bad at maths but the Ant is good at maths and does all the maths for the person.

Hijinks ensues.


You’re going to be tempted to buy a dirndl. It’s only natural, I’ve seen it in patent twats who spend a lot of time in Munich. They have a magnetic pull. Frankly it’s a miracle that I don’t own lederhosen at this point.

You absolutely should buy one, and win the selfie thread.

In my early 20s i was really into lots of vintage dresses and skirts and was a bit obsessed with dirndls. Never had one but maybe nows my time

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Decided these new socks were too good to cover up


I feel like there might be inter-profession banter between accountants and patent attorneys, like the way electricians throw shade at plumbers and English teachers make fun of Maths.

Is this true and what form does it take?

Also my top Munich building-related tip: if you’re heading out of town towards the Isar and you see a building just before a bridge that’s a towering, imposing concrete monstrosity with wrought iron bars on the windows, you may think “holy shit, is that a Stasi interrogation centre?”

You would be close but wrong: it’s the German patent office

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Mostly make fun of them for how easy their professional qualifications are compared to ours.

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New socks are to be posted in the sock thread, i dont make the rules (@Gnometorious does)

(Good socks btw)


Oh yeah i took a photo of another pair from this pack the other day for that thread

could be mud tbf :sweat_smile: