Wednesday 3rd May

Today is the 123rd day of the year.

On 3rd May 752, Mayan king Bird Jaguar IV of Yaxchilan in modern-day Chiapas, Mexico assumed the throne. Also today marks the anniversary of the invention of geocaching, with the first cache placed and the coordinates from a GPS posted on Usenet.

A very happy birthday to Paul Banks from Interpol, Steve McClaren and Nélida Piñon!

How are you today? The sun is SHINING! Unfortunately today is going to be a hell day at work, mostly of my own making. Fun times.

Just heading to work whilst listening to Grandaddy on earphones. Such a sad terrible loss at such a young age.

Work will be shit as usual. I was half thinking of seeing Blondie at The Roundhouse as a ticket was available but I’ll stay in and just watch the football instead. Overall, a dull day for me. I hope you guys have a better day than me.

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It’s Scout Jnr’s 1st birthday!




Scout jnr is a cutie!

In about an hour I’ve got to drive up to Liverpool for a few days then spending the weekend in the Peak District then few days in Leeds then London. Haven’t packed yet and I’m still in bed.

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Hello. I’ve got to be at work for 9, not a common start time for me, leaving early in case there’s traffic. Starting to panic about being underprepared for the job interview I’ve got on friday

@Scout happy bday jnr! What a little sweetie

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WFH this morning. Driving back down to London this afternoon as we’re back down for the next week or so staying with the TV’s parents. Looking forward to:

  • not having to do that drive again for a while
  • living up here properly
  • not being surrounded by half unpacked boxes

Really grey and grim here, i do not feel good about today in the slightest. At least i have coffee i suppose.

I am WFH today but I foolishly got up at 5:40am to go to a HIIT class. WHY.

Taking a bit of TOIL this morning so I can take my bike to the shop to get it fixed.

My bruise is looking absolutely incredible.

Nothing else to report.

haha amazing, happy b’day Scout Jnr :slight_smile:

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Finished vomming yesterday afternoon, but then got really bad acid reflux. Gunna WFH and feel shite while doing so

mornin team,

glorious day in glasgow, and we’ve got some training today, boooooo.


  • I feel great today!!!
  • I feel OK
  • cba
  • Deep pit of despair

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Guest post on @whiterussian’s blog?


I was explaining WR’s blog to the TV last night as she showed my the incredible bruises she picked up on a casual bike ride.

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you must have acquired a few belters over the years whilst climbing?!

Urgh, hadn’t seen that news about Grandaddy, that’s awful :cry:

Grandaddy news has really bummed me out, so sad.

Slept terribly last night - cba