Wednesday 4/7


Breakfast? Plans? AOB?

Had my overnight oats this morning, bit disappointing as I put far too much milk in.

I drop R off with his dad at 10:00, I have a dentist appointment at 11:40, really bad scheduling from me as I have to kill over an hour of time but can’t just go have a coffee somewhere because I won’t have the chance to brush my teeth after.

Feels a bit empty having no World Cup today :confused:

Times i fell through the bed last night = 0


Hi. Daughter has been sick and in and out of hospital so bit frazzled. It’s all good, though.

Moving to Glasgow can’t come quicker now.

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Hope she is ok, and you and the rest of your family too x


Pretty hungover.

Not going to lie, I’m absolutely buzzing after the England. I think I went through every possible emotion at some point last night. jfc

Morning all. Just got back from the gym, changed my bedding (clean bedding is one of life’s greatest things, imo) and off for a walk around the Wetlands later, given how today is the coolest morning of the week.

Morning team,

Today is my Friday as I’m off to Wimbledon tomorrow for a couple of days to Tory it up at the :tennis:
Got a fair wee bit to do to clear my feet beforehand.


We’re all gonna die!


good morning … keith?

autocorrect tells the tale


Off to Edinburgh, had too many of the ol’ IPAs last night.

Got a little mock exam. Blahhhh

I was listening to that on the way into work.

Christ I feel ropey. Woke up to a voice message I sent to my wife last night somewhere between getting off the train and walking to my gaff of me singing, ‘he’s walking home, he’s walking home, he’s walking, Jezza’s walking home’ :confused:



Made a fresh batch of Bircher porridge last night, so just had a bowel of that with some coffee (raspberry, peaches and banana in the podge)

WFH - guess I’d better turn on my computer. Might sneak out for a bike ride at some point, expecting a quiet day work wise


Still sick but going to work
Later tho
Cba right now

ik,r :grimacing:

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I also have a hangover. I’ll just go back to bed oh wait no i have to do my job. So unfair.

:coffee: :pray:

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Not much to report over here

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