Wednesday 6pm-midnight (UTC)

When I fry a chilli pepper it makes me cough

  • everyone gets that
  • you have asthma or something

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just the natural chilli gas isn’t it, like onions, no pain no gain


I cough loads every morning after a shower

  • everyone gets that
  • you have asthma or something

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Gonna make potato and leek soup I think.

forgot that this was the evening thread for a second and i was gonna be all like how’s that relevant to my post


Might add chillies and make it relevant

Cough after eating anything containing chilli powder. Not sure if the fresh stuff does it too but never used to happen and now its a proper coughing fit that can last for a few hours after eating

Parsnips make me feel funny too.

Taste nice though

Going to the shop to see if they have irn bru

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Evening, just had a scone Cornish style (sorry @anon19035908 ). One of Jimbo’s classmates made them this afternoon instead of doing schoolwork and dropped them off on our doorstep, so that’s nice. We weren’t expecting them at all, so the only cream we had in the house was squirty cream


Please spoiler and CW this absolute trash.


Veg from the back of the fridge with noodles. Very subpar dinner.

Got a headache and stressed that we’ve not done any maths lessons for like 2 weeks or more.

Going to sew some crocheting together and watch Super Store

Got chicken in the fridge that’s been marinating for 24 hours cause we didn’t have it last night so that with chips for tea and then my friend’s Zoom quiz with all her family later, hope I beat them all by myself again.

Any good? We were thinking about starting it.

Yeah, not laughed out loud or anything but nice easy entertaining stuff

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They had one left so had to improvise

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That’s exactly what we’re in the market for.

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I’d like to see you try to spread jam on skoosy cream

The cream is equally as upsetting as the order tbh.

The number of times I’ve been cooking Thai food and I’ve had to hang my head out of the window because I’ve properly inhaled the chilli fumes