Wednesday 6pm-midnight (UTC)

My mother swung by the office earlier to drop something in, she took one look at me with the moustache and said ‘for fuck sakes you look like a fucking dutch porn star from the 70s, shave that ridiculous thing off!’ :grinning:


Awesome. Big fan :heart_eyes:


Tried ordering a pizza, but got a message back saying they were shut.

Going to walk up to Local Chinese instead.

Yes, brilliant! Oh my god, David Icke and Mike Read. At least John Craven saves the day along with Cheggers. You probably don’t know what I’m on about. I am old :grinning:



Had veg sausages, sprouts, broccoli and leek/potato gratin for dinner.

Now it’s football and sitting about until bed. Got a choc orange in the fridge that is going to get opened. Mmmmm

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Ooh you touch my tra la la


I love how my thai recipe book tells me to fry pastes until they make me sneeze


evenall. had a nap, changed my avatar, made venison sausages and roast veg with some Pet Shop Boys (Please) in the background. Now eating said food with R.E.M. (Dead Letter Office) in the background. Gonna do some creative writing, then FFVIII, maybe a bit of book (Susan Cooper - The Dark Is Rising) before beds.

That is all.

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Like when Bugs Bunny put on a dress and played Girl Bunny?

Has someone else posted a picture of Paul Calf yet?


she’s not wrong but absolutely keep it


Evening all!

I made some tempura-ish broccoli along with crispy kale and some stir fry veg and noodles. I’m pretty pleased with it but the chilli I added did induce coughing.

No plans tonight (obviously) but we’ll either watch Oceans 8 or more American Gods or some craft TV.


falafel burgers, writing a work quiz for tomorrow, watch some more It’s A Sin, do some more reading so I can pretend I understand stocks for the next 2-3 days I remain interested in the whole concept

Been to the shops for a big bag of draught Guinness cans after reading that pints thread.

Had planned on having some sort of tomato-based pasta for my tea, but in fairness I didn’t have breakfast until about 1pm and I think the Guinness might be dense enough to fill me up until tomorrow.

My ex has created yet another social media account and sent me a message saying they hope I die soon of [specific illness redacted]. Nice person.

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What the fuck man you OK?

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it’s not a euphemism, if that’s what you mean…

Yeah I’m alright thanks, it’s just a bit shocking to be still on the receiving end of this bullshit months down the line. Blocked the account (as with all the others) and tonight I’m just gonna soak up the good vibes of tunes in my ears and banter on here.

No its just the worst one :wink:

Username/post etc :slight_smile:

For fuck sakes, sorry you need to put up with that pish