Wednesday 9th Daily Thread

Morning dissers, I’m sat on a plane about to fly to Dublin for two days, seeing an ATD today and working tomorrow.

Despite having a good nights sleep and a shower, I have that icky feeling you get when you’ve had neither.

What are you up to today?

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Ahem! Good morning laelfy! I am in work an hour early, listening to some Brian Eno and processing dog licences (busy work we’re given to do outside office hours).

Looking forward to seeing the TV later and going to an evening of talks and performances run by two of our friends.

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hiya! :wave:

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Morning, I’ve got another day without any work and I’m starting to get a bit worried about money now so I’m gonna look for some new clients and do some applications. Off out for Thai food later.

Mmmm I’ve going to Thaikun on Saturday night and I’m tempted to just get a bunch of starters :drooling_face:

What does a dog need a license for?

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Never been too keen on the mains there, deffo the best choice

Yeah, their starter platters are always the best bit and the mains a bit of a let down.

For driving dog cars!

Not really.

Under the Control of Dogs Act 1986, which was amended in 1992, all dog owners are required to have a dog licence.

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Way to spoil my excellent joke with sensible and necessary legislation!


WFH. making cheese on toast. off to Portugal this evening. BOOM!

Ive never been to Ireland
which is best?

  • Northern
  • Eire
  • not been

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I knew, KNEW, someone was going to make that joke as I posted it so I needed to undermine the joker!


Close the poll now!

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my face rn


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Final term teaching starts today! But I have a double load #prayfortuna :scream:

You want to see a doctor about that really.


If you’re going to the Irish capital for TWO days…
Are you Dublin’ down?


hi wednesdays

Morning team. Think we might, might, have found a solution to our living situation. Hopefully going to get stuff sorted out today.