Wednesday after hours

Alright peeps. Should have gone out on my bike hours ago. Of course I’m still sitting with my feet up.

Would like to do something wholesome tonight like read a book but I momentarily forget that I have knobs for neighbours who will not let any of the people in this block of flats have any peace. Just looked it up and their house is also legally overcrowded. Great.

big work meeting tomorrow has gone all sideways. Feels like I should stay and do a few hours work to fix it, but also literally everyone that can help me will have logged off for the day so … :man_shrugging: guess I’m planning for a stressful morning

Tea - TBC
Film - probably
Beer - TBC

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Had a good day. Went for a drive round the countryside, shouted at a man, sat on a bench here for a bit

Fun fact: I was christened in that tiny church.

Making some maple mustard cocktail sausages to go with leftover dauphinois for tea. Might have a beer.


5:57 is it? i see how it is, tilty.

chinese for tea. gonna listen to the PJ harvey record that turned up today. other than that… :thinking: not sure really. erm…


I’ve got the heat on and my socks on the radiator. cosy.

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Bored of being indoors now. 12 days to go.

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Day brightened from this ace postcard from @anon89873996

Was supposed to have friends round tonight but they’ve cancelled, dunno what to do with myself.



Got a fair amount of shizz to do at work by the end of the week.

  • Work a bit more now
  • Get up early

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Leftover curry again for tea.
Then might watch a film.

Evening, had leg day at the gym and now I am completely done.

Going to make a truffled mushroom and rocket pizza from scratch. Love a bit of truffle at the moment.


This reminds me I have a box of dresses for FL all packaged up and waiting for me to get my arse in gear and go to the post office


I had a somewhat productive day. I went to Australia two years ago and started writing a zine about the trip, and then moved house right after and put the zine aside. Then I picked it up again this winter, but most of Australia was on fire at the time, so it didn’t really seem the time to put it out there. So I did some more this week and here it is now.

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Still sorting out my photos of Australia 2 years later though.

My car won’t start
Got my dad here trying to jump start it but a first attempt with a starter thing didn’t work. Then he said the starter thing might not have enough charge so let’s try it off his car. I hate cars so much.

Any particular reason?

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It didn’t work so I’m going to have to call the AA. Ffs

Think I’ve pulled/strained a muscle in my arm :frowning:

  • 5 channels of choice
  • Seemingly infinite choice through multiple streaming services

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We were coming down a steep hill in a very narrow lane and he was coming up the other way. I knew there was a passing place about 10 yards behind him so waited but he didn’t reverse and then started inching forward so I had to reverse up the hill around a sharp bend even though I had right of way. When he finally went by me I wound down my window and he did the same and I called him a fucking dickhead. All 3 cars that were backed up behind him stopped to apologise :grinning:


might start watching the x-files from the beginning again, get my money’s worth out of the ridiculous bluray boxset i bought.

I’m halfway through s2