Wednesday afternoon banal

They’re installing a security system at work that fills the office with smoke if we get broken into. It just misfired while they were fiddling with it, and now the office stinks like a sad school disco.


that sounds dangerous

This bubblemint chewing gum is growing on me.

Just watching loads of these videos now



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kill some robber (with music)


security fog NOT security smoke

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i’ve had very little sleep and way too much coffee. i’m very much looking forward to going home, eating some dinner, catching up on cheftwats and going to bed at a reasonable hour.

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  • quiet place
  • i love dogs
  • ghost stories
  • ready player one

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need to email someone a work related query that’s almost certainly going to mark me out as a n00b who doesn’t know what they’re talking about but I literally can’t not ask

jesus don’t all vote at once

there’s no ‘all shit’ option

coffee audit

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  • 4+
  • erm excuse me i drink tea

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Ghost Stories the board game is dead good.

That’s all I’ve got.


Someone needs to add some power ballad soundtrack to that video

Gutted :frowning:

I’ve done my Equalities & Diversities AND Fire training this afternoon. I started the Prevent training but fucked it off almost immediately.

I’ve got some life saving training to do. Doesn’t seem important.