Wednesday afternoon poll

You weren’t invited to a thing you didn’t want to go to anyway.

  • Give a shit, they know I would never show up for that
  • Invite would have been nice though…

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My attitude towards a scenario like this falls outside the boundaries of this poll

But inside the boundaries of this thread, I assure you.

(Should have specified that chat is encouraged)

There are limited places at the big work Christmas party in London, so not everyone gets an invite. I’ve been overlooked two years in a row and I’m quietly fuming about it even though I’d do anything up to faking my own death to not have to go.

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Oh right!

My attitude towards this scenario would be “Phew! I’m glad I wasn’t invited” rather than the more aggressive option that was available to me.

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For context the event that led to the creation of this (excellent) thread is a day out at the races. It is on a weekday so I would have to take holiday, work aren’t paying for it and I don’t like horse racing. It is pretty much the antipathy of everything I enjoy but I actually can’t decide if I’m annoyed that I didn’t get invited.