Wednesday already

Morning morning morning

Not off to a good start with every option of breakfast being resisted until I offered chocolate porridge as a last resort. My mum broke the agreement we had also to leave us the kitchen to get on with breakfast alone and that has made everything a lot more difficult :frowning:

Might need to go shopping for breakfast foods.

I’m excited for potential Secret Santa pairing by the end of the day but that’s about all I’ve got going on.

You know what to do


Morning FL, morning everyone yet to come. Think we’re going to the Dartmouth supermarket triangle today.

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Morning FL. Sounds like a really tough morning. I’m
sure the secret santa pairing will make things seem better

Listening to a nice playlist. Stupidly went to bed at 1.40am and was woken up at 5.45. nice one rich. On the late late shift at work, so have that to look forward to as well. It’s my Friday though.

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Hello. Meant to have my first proper shift at the new bookshop today BUT have woken up with a sore throat and bad voice etc. normally would probably have gone in anyway, but obviously can’t now. Have just sent in a booking request for a covid test. I really don’t think it’s that as my sister who I live with had exactly the same symptoms and it wasn’t coronavirus, but of course can’t go around helping customers etc like this. Booo.

what music should i listen to?

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I’m listening to this now join me shrewbie

Serge Gainsbourg.

Morning dissington.

I’m in bed under my snuggly covers. Just done a face mask and brushed my teeth.

It’s gonna be a good day.


this is nice. who is DEAN?

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The other half’s COVID result came in overnight (negative thankfully), so Jimbo is back to school and we’re back to whatever normal was a week ago. Might go for a run at lunchtime to celebrate.

Awesome choice. I might whack on my Serge playlist once I’m logged into work

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Couldn’t take R to school because a very irresponsible owner of an excitable barky dog was blocking the way and wouldn’t put them back on the lead. Feel absolutely pathetic but I was already on the edge of a panic attack and this was more than I could deal with. This is definitely going to be something my family hold against me (my brother because he stepped in to take R to school, my mum just because she hates me and thinks I’m incompetent as a personal fault rather than being disabled and sick)

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I wish this place existed, I would also accept it if it were pangolins.

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Sorry you’re having such a shit day. That’s awful.

Did a new podcast. I think many will like it. Plus I’m a narcissist.

Gran’s funeral today so I’m a bit low. I hope you all have a good day.



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Third day in a row I’ve woken up thinking it’s Friday fuck off

Sorry for your loss Sheeldz, I hope everything goes as well as can for your family today x


One too many meetings and a thousand work hours behind.

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I swear, the more tired I am the less well I sleep. Lights out for 1130 (easily an hour earlier than usual) then I toss and turn and come up full awake at 5am

Cheers body, cheers