Wednesday already

Morning everyone

Just had some porridge with nana and honey

Nothing exciting will happen today. I hopefully will squeeze in a bike ride and hopefully I will find the bottle that bounced off my bike on a bouncy bit on yesterday’s ride

I have the tv version of Woman in Black from cinema paradiso so might watch that later

Got this too, not really sure how to fix it. Like … not enough hours in the day are there

Here are your options

  • Do half of it properly
  • Do all of it half arsed
  • Fuck around on the internet and hope it all goes away

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Daniel Kitson show last night was brilliant. He’s the best.

Hosting an online quiz after work. Made a PowerPoint (cos accessibility) and it looks great but took FOREVER.

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you missed out the “do half of it half arsed” option

I’ve run out of porridge oats so toast for breakfast today ~ boring!

I must run today but haven’t been in the mood for the past 3 days so contemplating a full week off of it to reset.

Wine delivery today yeeeeeehaawwwwwww

Just do the bits people actually chase you for.

Anything else clearly isn’t important.

South Korean singer songwriter, doesn’t have a bad song anywhere and his songs featuring female singers are my favourites usually (see - ft heize, syd and this one with sulli which is my favourite)

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Fucks sake I seem to have developed a cough overnight. Also got a snotty nose and phlemy throat though so let’s see what happens. Don’t make me do a test covid!

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Told my mum we aren’t coming down for Christmas. Think it’s gonna cause issues. FFS

That’s rubbish, it definitely can’t have been a decision you have taken likely, hopefully you’re mum can realise that and be sympathetic/understanding of that when she has had more time to take it in x


I thought it was the weekend, feel like shit.

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Still really uncertain with Christmas plans myself. Imagine a lot of it will be taken out of my hands anyway :frowning:

Might forego my traditional walk because (a) it is raining, (b) I have a cold (due, I suspect, to my traditional walk), and (c) I have wfh tomorrow so today is an excuse to relish in doing owt

Which is convenient cause I feel a bit listless again today. Yerg

@Joke2000 33 on R1

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Your opinion is the only one I care about.

My policy is ‘do the bits that report directly to the most senoir staff’


You can’t copyright and!

oh, can’t I?


18 on R2, fucking idiot didn’t pick ‘backing bands’ for his bonus round and then mentioned ‘Mr Whippy’ in his hellos with no context. Got 8 in 10 though.

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