Wednesday already

This week

  • Going fast
  • Going slow
  • Going exactly the normal pace of a week

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In a Teams call. Just introduced myself to 20+ people and said “scott_chegg, performance analyst. I’ve been here 6 weeks now. Welcome.” :man_facepalming:


Time feels like it’s going incredibly quickly at the moment. I think it’s because I’ve been on roughly the same fortnightly work cycle since covid.

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:laughing: Stick with it, you’ve asserted dominance now you’ve been there for six weeks. “This is my meeting now” haha!

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Not enough hours in the days at the moment so time is flying by for me. Three weeks until the semester ends.

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This is me


Followed by

Colleague: “Scott Chegg, I might bug you for your expertise in the near future.”
Me: “Oh yes please, bug away”.

Why am I like this


Can’t actually believe it’s December next week. Terrifying.


This is what I’ll do from now on. Just act as if I’m chairing every meeting.

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I’m not familiar with them. I’ve just done a quick google, and it looks like they do the food at the Joker (not that pubs are open, and all that)

Pub food has really upped it’s game in Brighton in the last few years. I shall make a note for the future, although the Joker has never really been a pub on my circuit, even though the Hare & Hounds over the road is

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Been to the DST, got some battered cocktail sausages and Percy Pig pies amongst many other delights.


Realised this would have been raffle day and now I’m extra sad because it isn’t.

Yeah these are fucking great. Come with a little curry sauce too. Good work @rich-t.

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Just found out I’m not being made redundant and have a job in our new merged department. If the Germans have a word for feeling deflated and relieved at the same time, it’s that. Wouldn’t normally have a drink while I’m working, but I might now. Fucking hell, this has been a long few days.


I’ve had their wings in the before times when you could get them in the pub (the Joker). Quality wings

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Oh my god I’ve just realised I am getting on a plane in 2 weeks, all being well.

That prospect feels bizarre.

anyone got any of these glasses?

for watching tv while lying down etc.
seems like they’d be good

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Be quite good* to take one of the lenses out and then when you go for a walk you can look around whilst always being sure you’re not gonna tread in dogshit

*Extremely disorientating and nauseating

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Omg just got the most amazing package from @anon19035908 :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Thanks so so much bb!!!



Get that drink, you deserve it!