Wednesday and all that

Alright? Got to go in to work early to catch up on some stuff I couldn’t do yesterday so that’s fun. Not much else going on tbh, pretty grey again down here. What’s on then?

Off to work and the joys of Ofsted today!

That’s about the extent of it. Might see if i can book in a tip trip later. Important to have something to look forward to.

Alright. Off with the youngun today. Might make a slow cooker potato and chickpea curry. No real plans. Think the weather is a bit naff today though.

@robstation01 hope Ofsted are ok. My wife is under perpetual pressure from an Ofsted inspection atm.



Going to go out somewhere for a walk for a couple of hours this morning. Need to drop my bike at the shop later as it’s bost.

Got a phonecall with the doctor at some point today. Literally any time between 8 and 8, so that’ll be a nice surprise.

Morning. Me and my wife have had food poisoning for the last 36 hours and it’s still going.

Which makes me pose this question of all stomach bugs/common ailments is food poisoning the worst?

Morning all :wave:

Had the heating on in the morning for the first time this year (and for the first time since moving house). For some reason, our heating has something called “true radiant mode” which means that, rather than coming on at 6am, it switches on at an appropriate time to get to the set temperature at 6am. And also, because it’s not been on for several months, it’s noisy as fuck.

So I was woken at 4am by the sound of clanking radiator pipes and a hot radiator, and the clanking continued for a while after I’d switched it off.

Anyway. Off to Ipswich today. Doesn’t @safebruv go there? Will I see him?

Feel like it should be at least Thursday.

The flats around the corner get their bins taken on a Wednesday. Our bin day is Thursday.

Every Wednesday morning, I have a micro-panic when I hear the bin lorry go past.

Hiya, had a rough night cos my cold got worse. I was supposed to start my second writing group tonight so I’m very irked I won’t be able to go :sob:

Just found out my uncle died through a post on the Mansfield Man Utd supporters club page, which was odd. RIP ol Willie.

Long day at work today I reckon, then gym.

It’s my second home but I’m not there today.

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Thought I’d watch The Batman with a glass of wine last night. It was that long I drank the whole bottle.

Off to watch some comedy tonight which will be fun once I’ve shook off the wine fog

The dreaded COLD has arrived. Feel like a real sack o trash ngl

Old friend group are getting together for a bunch of fun plans over the next few days, but still unsure how many of them I’m gonna make it to.

But in theory a half day, nice walk, and afternoon pints to come today :crossed_fingers:

Morning fools,

had to go to a&e last night with my youngest as the GP was worried about meningitis. Looks like it is just a bad virus but still both frustrating (waiting for hours) and worrying but the main thing is he’s ok.

Was meant to be going on a works away day today so obviously that’s scuppered. First time since covid came i would have seen anyone but my boss in the department. I was terrified of going but also, would have been nice to see someone again.

Going to try and rest up and if he has a doze at some point, hopefully finish reading Lonely Castle In The Mirror `which is great and i recommend.

Anyway, there feels like such an overwhelming sadness about so look after yourselves punx x


Had so many weird messages last night from various drunk people from my tour group, and my friend at a gig in London seemingly on too much acid again - she worries me so much :flushed:

Then the cat kept meowing in my face, close as he could get.

Smear test later. What a glorious day

Getting a bonus covid jag later, so everyone who wants to spit in my mouth can please form an orderly queue

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With gusto!

Was unsuccessful for job interview number 4 yesterday. Was a really entry level role as well. Forgot we’ve got no milk in. Another day in paradise.

Hope everything’s ok, sounds awful and worrying. Take care :revolving_hearts:

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Commiserations. A few months back I applied for a job in my organisation. It was literally identical to the job I did for three years before joining, as was set out very clearly on my CV. I was told that I didn’t meet the threshold to get an interview, so that was essentially the last job application in this company I’m ever going to bother with.