Wednesday banal


Hi guys. I’m on the bus. My first time posting on the mobile site


way too hot to do any work
taken a break to eat some seaweed thins, might have a nap


Pretty, pretty constipated.


I prescribe a relaxing afternoon eating chocolate peanuts and chinese food washed down with cider.



what do you think of the mobile site penoid?


Eps, I feel you

but I’ve now got a major case of the Epimers. There’s no middle ground with me


eat a pear


Going to have to make do with decaf coffee and possibly a scone.


I tried to post on it last week and it crashed. Hasnt crashed yet.


I can tend to oscillate between the two as well. Fellow IBS sufferer high five!

…wash your hands first, though, yeah?





Do you do anything to try and manage it?


It’ll have to be a pair of scones.


so, tacos or burgers tonight for tea?


burritos for me, being that it’s oaxacan wednesday


Ladu opposites phone alert sound is a duck quacking. It’s super loud.

Man behind just rang his daughter making jokes about the fact that someone has apparently just jumped into the tyne. Grim.


Ive got another two minutes left. Fingers crossed.


I’ve been procrastinating all day. Went downtown for lunch and to collect some posters.

Going to fire on some records and get typing.


Tacos. Only because I fancied them last night but couldn’t be arsed


Not much, really. It’s complicated by the lactose intolerance (is the bum wee because someone snuck cream into my dinner?), and anxiety stuff that manifests as stomach cramps (is the bum wee because I have to travel to an unfamiliar situation?)

I’ve identified a few foods that can set me off into the bum wee - constipation - bum wee cycle (e.g. too many red peppers) and try to avoid those. Also try to avoid taking medication for either end of the spectrum unless I absolutely have to (e.g. I’m in full bum wee mode and I’ve got to attend a hearing, which is NOT A HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE. Fun day.) because it can put me back in the cycle.

That’s a really long-winded way of saying “nah”, isn’t it.