Wednesday banal


How’s the weather up there Geebers? Hope the bus isn’t too hot and that you’re suitably hydrated if it’s a scorcher.


Didn’t book accommodation in time, so will be spending my birthday walking 50km alone in rural Poland (setting off at 3.30am). Need to keep in perspective that I’m going to see the sanctuary of someone who walked to Rome. Without hiking shoes or an ipod. Really hope the one website I found mass times on is accurate, chances are it hasn’t been updated in several years…


My wife is participating in the filming of Lorraine Kelly’s new Zumba DVD tonight so I’m going for an extra long cycle and will then eat Basa and drink wine.

Any film recommendations? Didn’t watch Cafe Society the other day so will probs watch that.


PocketMouse! Is this your first post on the new site?


never heard it called that before.


About ten degrees cooler than yesterday. Still humid.

Im off the bus and alive fyi @ epimer




Just been down the brick lane bookshop to pick up some poetry I’ve had my eye on for a while, really cheap little Emily Dickinson anthology - I love those little penguin classic books they’re doing, and an early unreleased Richard Brautigan one <3
Going to Victoria park in a bit but my flatmates just realised he told a friend of his she could stay here when she visits from Paris, and turns out that is tonight, so we have to clean everything bd


Haha, yep.

The anxiety/stress stuff sets me off too but I haven’t really figured out what food gives me the bum wee or the blockage. The wind I have is fully horrendous too!

I also don’t like medication for this stuff either but I can’t stand not pooing. I’d much rather have bum wee than no poop. Not pooping for well over a week caused me so much pain!


Gonna have to buy the DVD to check on her fidelity now :disappointed:


No, I’ve been posting a lot about not being able to control my dog, and posting occasional pictures of the HB. I find it kind of hard to use tbh.


all you need to do is spend too long with it and it gets easier to use. Enjoy your trip.


and HBPM!


Good old death farts. Usually the first indication that something’s about to go seriously awry for me.

I’d rather be constipated than the opposite just for pragmatic reasons, really, but it really is just the lesser of two evils. Great stuff.




in tacos


now we’re talking


feeling shitey. meant to be cycling up a hill later.



yeah man. I get that. anything over twenty minutes and I feel like a piece of shit.


someone semi-famous (like, he’s been on the telly and has a wikipedia page and that) just came into the library, pretty exciting afternoon here

need to wash my bike after work and work out where this awful creak’s coming from