Wednesday banal

  • Just had some cake
  • The flat we’re buying is now vacant
  • Is it hometime yet?
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watching some cycling on eurosport

just had three satsumas

lost tennis

Just starting work over in SF. Check your Greenwich mean time privilege!

what’s the cycling?

i have a clementine with me but i’ll probably have it tomorrow

that’s good news… right… :smiley:

also, what cake?
and was it nice?

yes MATE!


I guess it is for us. One step closer to bike room!

carrot cake, yep, 9/10

Fleche-Wallonne - part of the Ardennes classic, apparently.

it’s a repeat, but I’m not aware of the result -so might as well be live. 12km to go with an uphill finish. niiiiice. no breakaway…

ahh yes I love Fleche-Wallonne

think my brain has broke. colleague was just leaving the office and i meant to say ‘see you in a mo’ but what came out was just a noise something like ‘inishimo’ and it was just awkward as fuck and now he thinks i’m mental


Japanese for ‘see you soon’.

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what would you say is your strongest part of your personal cycling armoury?

the only thing i’m good at is going fast on flat, open roads, and i’m good at navigation

absolutely shit at climbing and even shitter at descending

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nice. yeah, I’m not bad at short, punchy steep gradient climbs*, being a skinny runt n all, but long dragged out affairs…I need dragging up. shit lung capacity innit

love descending,as I’m quite stupid and happy to take risks, but being a skinny runt n all, I find it very hard to get up any decent speed.

thanks for the info

*say 100 metre 14%er

my aunt just sent me this on facebook:

[quote]Do not accept a friend request from Christopher Davies and Jessica Davies they are hackers tell everyone on your list because if they accept it they will be on your list too he will find out your computer IP address, so copy and paste to everyone you know even if u don’t care.
This was sent to me , so I am passing it on.[/quote]

just passing it on to you guys so you don’t get hacked

Do not know what to do with myself tonight. Any Netflix recommendations or do I play Red Dead Redemption on mute with subtitles and listen to loads of Joanna Newsom vinyl?

alright, Black Mirror

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I wonder what @Epimer is up to this evening :thinking:

uploading all my old iphone 5 stuff to my new iphone 7, why the fuck is none of the music going over?!?! couldn’t give a monkeys bout the rest of the shite