Wednesday banal


finished work early, gonna walk around and take some photos of billboards.

in other news, my new noise cancelling headphones arrived and i signed up to tidal. feel like i just levelled up to a whole new kind of dickhead.



sup, eric. still in work til 5.30. going to a gig later with a guy I hung around with years ago who’s just moved to Edinburgh, should be good.


what’s the gig?


bored oot ma nut man


Lucky Chops, brass band from New York


how are the headphones?




Did a bike ride earlier, pretty unfit. Now drinking tea watching Louis Theroux on Netflix


me too, i mean i’ve got loads of stuff to do but nothing that can’t be put off till tomorrow and i just can’t be fucked today, well i today, just really in the last 20mins


still two fucking hours of this. fuck sake.


Just had a brilliant nap. Really needed that.


Sorry, *wank. Fucking autocorrect.


pretty sweet dude, noise cancellation works a treat


Great. Now I want a pair :confused:


Probably not the place for this but one of the women from our gym has been missing for three days, and whilst it’s heartening to see everyone working together to find her it’s pretty worrying.

Don’t suppose anyone knows anything about rental cars and their guidelines via retrieving/keeping track of missing vehicles?


Oo, hello other Edinburgh person :slight_smile: I wondered if there were others… enjoy your gig!!


@LME what’s this all about then


cheers mate! there surely must be enough of us for a MEAT sometime


oh it lost my instagram link, it’s by the tesco in dalston


I see your photoshop guides are lining up nicely.