Wednesday before Christmas Day

Hey hey.

Been at work since 4. Very tired. Dropped a pint of cream over my foot. Got a soggy foot and trousers now. But you know, could be worse. Have a selfie.

What you all doing today. Tell me and save me from 11hrs of pain.


Just embarking on my own ten hours of pain, on the way into work. Cold, innit?

Looking forward to the secret Santa thread later, always a great read, and one that leaves me thinking “I’ll definitely do it next year” and then somehow I never do….


I am up way too early so made a coffee and went back to bed. I always find the first few hours of work drag if I’ve been awake for ages. There’s something to be said for hauling yourself in half-asleep and letting the morning drift by whilst you’re still trying to orient yourself. I appreciate these don’t sound like the sentiments of a go-getter.


Nearly started a Friday thread as it’s the last day of work and not a moment too soon.

Absolutely knacked as my brain has woke me up at 4am every night this week.

After work I’m starting the big Christmas house tidy. Joy.


Morning everyone

Last day of school and work here in the sheeldz house. Big time anticipation. The shelfelf did a treasure hunt. I bought a last minute gift for my partner last night that I know will bet won’t get here on time.

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Morning! I like your hat / jumper combination.

Working today as well. Got meetings from 10.15am-3pm, almost solidly, plus a load of other work to do. Also just waiting on a PCR test for the youngest - we had the last one back within 24 hours so here’s hoping.


I slept like




Good morning @rich-t and all the banging lovelies here. That is an excellent hat.

Awake as someone organised the plumber to come at half 8. Think this is mrS’ sweet revenge for us all being on holiday when he’s not.

No plans for today day, bit of a walk maybe. And secret Santa ofc.
Then out for dinner later. Someone has to save the hospitality industry so me and some friends are stepping up. :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::star_struck:


Going for a boost, and then to buy all of the cheese.

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Morning bit peeved, as had final letter ready to send but colleague said to send it tomorrow for some (probably bullshit) reasons and the tomorrow was in bold so I knew they meant it.

So just logging on to send it and then that’s me for Christmas.

Throat feels a bit sore which is…not good eh.

Morning last day for me as well. Apparently there are going to be massive problems while I’m off. Can go fuck emselves. Me at 3:30



A pretty but chilly morning in B-town

All the cars are frosty so I pointed out a mini with a white roof to Jimbo and said “wow, look at that one”


Morning all.

Boiler seems to be making a very suspect noise, so that’s very good news a couple of days before Christmas. There’s a plumber a few doors down, so hopefully he’s available to have a look and work some magic.

Apart from that, I’m going to pop over and see my nan quickly and then pick up my Christmas cheese order from the deli on the way back.

Got my pal and her baby coming over, better put some bread on

Working today audit

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Absolutely cracking sky this AM

Its my last working day this year. Let’s do this.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Last day of work for me. CBA levels off the chart, mainly due to the frustration of having to cancel the various Christmas things we’d been really looking forward to.

@weeber sorry but you’ll struggle to get all the cheese, the vast majority of the UK’s supply is in my fridge.
@rich-t I’m picturing a Jack Bauer, 24-style race against time - will you finish work before the cream on your clothes really starts to smell.


No Secret Santa arrival for me yet, but gonna be very happy reading the thread anyway so it’s no biggie!

Meeting mum to go shopping for one of her presents (ukulele, might be bought from the singer in Meursault) then seeing a good friend for a present handover/spontaneous drink. Remember spontaneity?? Oh gotta pack up my stuff for going home as well, forgot that part

Feeling decent, send rich all the good vibes available


What time do you want us to come around on Christmas Day?