Wednesday Botchettino Football Thread

12 goal RECORD BREAKING THRILLER in Dortmund, but probably just a bunch of really shit defending in a dead rubber right? Not seen the highlights. Media play down Leicester’s pretty amazing clean sweep of their group, as if they hadn’t been saying Spurs’ group was a piece of piss a few months ago as well.

Celtic’s brave 1-5 defeat to Barcelona, A German Team’s pantsing of Pathetic Pep and Arsenal something to follow.

i was one of the biggest scoffers at Leicester’s group but still pretty impressive the way they’ve torn through it. hope they remember to not get relegated


Pretty definitive history of George Weah’s cousin: The Search for Ali Dia, Legendary Football Hoaxster Turned Houdini | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

You can only be impressed at the number of unpaid hotel bills.

Was reading about that on The Guardian yesterday

apparently after his debut The Independent still listed him as a player to watch based on his “background”

this guy did well too

No chance he’s getting time is there?

“The case stems from a complaint by Brazilian investment group DIS”


  • Arsenal - PSG
  • German Team - City
  • Celtic - Bartha
  • Other game
  • Goals show
  • No football

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Bayern doing their traditional “Give a fuck, it’s between Oktoberfest and Christmas” thing, I see.


Wenger Hates Xhaka And It’s The Weirdest Thing

Think it’s probably something to do with the low quality of the bundesliga making people like him, mhikitarian (sp), schweinie, look incredible.

I dunno man

1-3 citeh
2-2 arsenal
1-7 barca

no further predictions, m’lud

Hard to see past Футбольный клуб Ростов now

fucking hell the early games have dinged a few hums haven’t they


Going to get torn a new one tonight I reckon.

Benfica have just come back from 3-0 down to level against benfica

You seen their starting XI though? Two very rich bald men fighting over a comb I reckon.

Fuck off mate Besiktas!

I wish I understood that, because it looks like a very funny joke.