Wednesday Daily Thread

Good morning @twentynine, good morning @1101010, good morning DiS! Many happy returns to Denise van Outen and André 3000, warm anniversary wishes to the Chrysler Building, and salutations to those among us who celebrate Japanese Navy Day.

What’s… [googles] “Wednesday” got in store for you all? I’m champing at the bit to try out my new garden shears! DEATH TO ALL NETTLES. Probably a bit early for a beer isn’t it? Let’s all kick a Tory in the bollocks today.


It’s 3.45pm in Melbourne so no, no it isn’t. :smiley:

(Although I’m still at work so it is for me.)

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My daughter has been back at school 2 days.

It’s actually REALLY hard to get to work at home now. It feels odd.

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Morning. Kiddo woke up screaming at 4.10 this morning. Couldn’t get back to sleep so decided to get out on a walk round the river and moors. Saw a heron and took some great pics, if I may say so myself.

Kiddo’s birthday today, do that’ll be happening when she gets up


That’s a BIG heron! And happy birthday Mini Miss Rich :partying_face: I hope the rest of your day is full of balloons and jelly and toys.

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May or may not have sloshed a wee dram in my first coffee of the day


Cheers son. We’ll see. Gonna be sensory overload this morning for her. And she had a rubbish Christmas, so this should make up for it.


Oh yeah happy birthday Mini-T.

That bottom pic looks like it should have a dinosaur in it. Maybe @japes will 'shop one in for us.

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Morning all :wave:

My eldest declared yesterday that she was going to let us ‘wake up naturally’ today rather than bursting in enthusiastically at 7am. So naturally I’ve been awake since 6.25am.

Going to try out a new walk today. Feel like places are starting to get crowded so hopefully this one will be a lot quieter.


HB best-hair toddler!


Just realised I’ve got the entire Castle Twentynine to myself (and the chickens, ducks, rabbits, and dog) today! YAYYY.

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Morning DiS, and happy birthday mini @rich-t. We’re deep into small person birthday season here - one of the NCT gang yesterday, and another two today as well as Jimbo’s cousin. Consequently he’s waking super early every day and getting annoyed that it’s someone else’s birthday not his.

No big plans for the day. Work, obviously, but other than that who knows.


:wave: morning @anon67149139 @1101010 @rich-t @colon_closed_bracket @Twinkletoes and @rob.orch

Hope you, your kid and your family has a great birthday @rich-t

been for a run, having a coffee, then work :+1:


Morning Matt!


G’day mate :slight_smile:


How long have you been in oz now btw? Have you/your family picked up a twang in your accents?

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Morning Matt, Aphex, CCB, Rob, Theo, anyone else I’ve not interacted with yet today. What a GBOL.


Well my wife is Aussie and my daughter definitely has and people have been accusing me of being Australian for at least 20 years so it’s hard to know!


morning all :wave:

I woke up just before my alarm was due to go off and was well thirsty, but cba to actually get up and get a drink til the alarm went off. eventually cracked, turned out it was 4am - alarm doesn’t go off til 7am so that would have been a bit of a wait.

back to work today :expressionless: always worry about coming back after a day off, and what nonsense will have occurred while I’m off. very rarely turns out to be anything, but still. feels weird to be starting work for the week on a Wednesday though.

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Hello BTE! :wave:

That’s meant to be a waving emoji not a spanking one

Also pretty sure I don’t remember ANY work logins, or names, or what I even do

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