Wednesday Daily/ To-do List

defo. gf’s dad is a former mechanic, we would have got him to have a look when our mot was due but hes a notorious faffer and wouldnt get his arse in gear so we took it to a place that was recommended by a pal and they were good, and cheaper when i said oh maybe we’ll get the work done somewhere else and maybe i can pay cash

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It’s for work work not skyliner work, but if it doesn’t sell out then yes!

If I can get childcare for long enough I was thinking of doing a freelance one straight after but haven’t even got childcare for the first one yet :grimacing:

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Oh my god oh my god oh my god why does no one know how to use the internet except me

Haven’t been able to start my paid work yet because I’ve been dealing with emails from people who refuse to read instructions and then email me because they don’t know how to log into their account on our website oh my god

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Pizza lunch


farmers are on strike again and the city’s full of tractors

Feel like this is a “first draft of … lyrics didn’t have the impact of their greatest hit” joke but I can’t work out which band.

  • try and avoid screaming in the office
  • Scream into a pillow at home
  • Watch an episode of twin peaks

Looks like it is naptime then.

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It’s not what you’re thinking of, but it could easily be the first line of an early Damon Albarn character piece.

Is the shark recovering okay?

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He is resting in the recovery room at the moment, looks like he’ll be ok and ready to return to bedtime duties tonight though :+1:


I was going to try for an Oasis song but couldn’t quite make it fit…

Interpol’s original version of NYC had a much more rural setting.


Something about priorities.

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We’re at The Book of Mormon for my girlfriend’s birthday.


Anyone fancy a trip over to the Music Board?

No need - the Wrecking Crew are the best backing band there’s ever been and anyone who says otherwise is wrong :slight_smile:

Funk Brothers.

let’s agree to disagree

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