Wednesday day thread

Mission to smack?
A space rock launches!

Morning folks.

Mildly hungover and so still working from bed which in reality is just staring out the window or posting on here. I did send one email though! Got a review of a case i worked on at 10 so need to reread that.

Then i have to speak to someone who is off work with anxiety and depression and has said that her manager told her he knows he isn’t supporting her as he should and she’ll just need to complain. Never fails to astound me at how shit people are at being reasonable human beings. Then have to deal with a case of someone who headbutted another employee followed by another with some casual racism being sent around whats app. Oh it’s going to be a joy!

Need to get in the shower really but the washing machine is on so the water pressure will be down :-(.

Then later the kids want to watch the new home alone which looks rubbish! Going to try and get the Nightmare before christmas on instead.

Can you tell i don’t want to look at my work?

Have fun everyone

Hey everyone

Hungover and sleepy after a fairly indulgent but fun night

(2 pints, shared bottle of red but only one course of nice dinner then 2 cocktails) was feeling all drunk and generous and bought cocktails for the couple celebrating their 6 month anniversary at the next table we ended up joining. Can’t quite pluck up the courage to look how much it all cost :grimacing:

mildly hungover and have a six hour meeting to discuss something that i only started working on two days ago and have no real clue about. urge to walk out… rising… rising. better get some coffee down quick.

guess the benefit of raising it is that they don’t accidentally do the same thing again, or say a different thing that triggers your memory of the same incident

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Started Ted Lasso last night. Not sure I get it/am into it

Morning all!

I really cannot be benefit analysed today.

My car has gone for an MOT (possibly a month late but I’ve lost the certificate from last year) and I’m try to make a dent in a pile of essays I need to turn around before Monday.

I’m probably going to spend the day listening to Flying Lotus and colour-coding spreadsheets in the pretense that it’s productive work.



if i have a receipt for £11 which includes £1.22 vat. What vat percentage is that? my expenses form says it has to be 5 or 20pc but it’s neither of those, right?

this is why I’ve literally never claimed expenses in my life. help.

but the form says only 5 or 20 are acceptable amounts, waaaaaa, why are they doing this to me? people with dyscalculia should not be left alone with expense forms

12.5% x £9.78 = £1.22

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They need to update their rules.

The Finance Act 2021 provides that a 12.5% rate of VAT will apply between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022.

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I took a zipper to the eye and now I want to cry :sob:

Morning everyone :heart:

Why does this always happen, I feel excited about posting in the thread, I start tapping and then realise I have nothing to add…


Hmmmm. Got a coffee on the go. Looking forward to the weekend?

Would you like to share a VAT problem with the group perhaps?


Will message you about this



Both of you had your fun weekends last weekend - don’t get greedy!


Hi Witches

I sympathize with your dilemma here

I always come i to these threads, post 1 boring thing and then leave for the rest of the day. Never now what to report after the first hello


Work internet down

How terrible

Nah, Your posts are great.